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Integrity and the Art of Apology

Chat Workshop July 21, 2003

Facilitator: Christine Salazar



zora (21-Jul-03 3:50:41 PM)
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Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 4:56:24 PM)
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Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:05:51 PM)
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Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 5:06:21 PM)

Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:07:29 PM)
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Melanie (21-Jul-03 5:33:21 PM)
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Melanie (21-Jul-03 5:33:33 PM)
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Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:33:46 PM)
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Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:33:50 PM)
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Melanie (21-Jul-03 5:33:55 PM)
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Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:34:02 PM)
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darkwalker (21-Jul-03 5:34:13 PM)
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Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:34:17 PM)
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Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:34:23 PM)
made it!

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:35:23 PM)
welcome dark walker, Nemi, Melanie

Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:35:27 PM)
Welcome to our Monday Night Workshop! The topic is: INTETRIGY AND THE ART OF APOLOGY. Sandie MODERATOR/Galactic Counselor

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:35:28 PM)
we're gonna take a couple minutes to see if more people show up before we begin

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:35:36 PM)
we will wait a few minutes for a few more people

orancia (21-Jul-03 5:36:34 PM)
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orancia (21-Jul-03 5:36:59 PM)
Hello again I decided I will stay for the workshop.

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:37:07 PM)
hello orancia

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:37:21 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:37:53 PM)
Did the workshop start at half past last week?

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:38:04 PM)
nope, 8pm on the nose

Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:39:22 PM)
Welcome to our Monday Night Workshop. Have you been here before? To reply or ask me a question, double click my name. Sandie MODERATOR/Galactic Counselor

Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:39:45 PM)
yes, I have been here before...just figuring out the buttons though.

stix (21-Jul-03 5:40:36 PM)
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Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:40:40 PM)
Welcome to our Monday Night Workshop! The topic is: INTETRIGY AND THE ART OF APOLOGY. Sandie MODERATOR/Galactic Counselor

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:40:41 PM)
hello stix

stix (21-Jul-03 5:40:51 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:41:15 PM)
ok tonight I want to talk about integrity

Sharon (21-Jul-03 5:41:26 PM)
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Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:41:55 PM)
personal or spiritual?

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:42:02 PM)
The workshop this evening is about Integrity and the Art of Apology

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:42:05 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:42:21 PM)
As we become multi-dimensional we soon hear and come to realize that integrity is a foundation of being a galactic human.

stix (21-Jul-03 5:42:24 PM)
Gotta go tend to dinner. Just wanted to check in for a moment. I'll be back later if I can

Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:42:42 PM)
If you wish to ask Christine a question, type ? Have your question ready. The Hostess will let you know when it is your turn by private message yn. Sandie MODERATOR/Galactic Counselor

stix (21-Jul-03 5:42:51 PM)
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Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:42:56 PM)
As a human being we also soon realize that we can all too easily step out of our integritiy.

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:43:11 PM)
Questions during Q&A only please.

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:43:23 PM)
Let' start first by talking about what integrity is

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:43:27 PM)

Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:43:43 PM)
integrity is the foundation of our true selves

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:43:44 PM)
What does integrity mean for you

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:44:00 PM)
how do you define integrity

Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:44:01 PM)
stands for our personal truth

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:44:12 PM)
to trust that I will do what I say I will do

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:44:36 PM)
yes those are both correct

Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:44:50 PM)
that thought, meaning and action are behind what we are and what we believe

Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:44:50 PM)
walking your talk

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:45:10 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:45:22 PM)
also honesty

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:45:28 PM)
moral soundness

Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:45:54 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:46:14 PM)
so one problem that many have is being truthful with themselves

Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:46:23 PM)

Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:46:28 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:46:52 PM)
we say something or make a commitment when we know or are not sure that we can keep it

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:46:56 PM)
has anyone done that?

Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:47:00 PM)

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:47:02 PM)

Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:47:09 PM)

Melanie (21-Jul-03 5:47:11 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:47:13 PM)
me too

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:47:29 PM)
so the first thing we need to learn is to be truthful to ourself

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:47:40 PM)
we owe that to our inner child

darkwalker (21-Jul-03 5:47:44 PM)
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Sharon (21-Jul-03 5:48:11 PM)

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:48:28 PM)
what if our truth hurts?

Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:48:42 PM)
hurts whom?

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:48:48 PM)
good question

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:49:03 PM)
if the truth hurts ourselves then we can deal with that

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:49:04 PM)
ourselves, shameful truth

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:49:25 PM)
we need to take it though the formula

Sharon (21-Jul-03 5:49:43 PM)

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:49:57 PM)
an example of a hurtful self truth

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:50:11 PM)
could be guilty, or otherwise negative

Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:51:02 PM)
or feel you said or did less than you should or promised to...

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:51:04 PM)
sometimes we have strong feelings of unworthiness

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:51:14 PM)
because of what we have done

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:51:36 PM)
we know that it is not right and we wish we had done differently

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:51:53 PM)
because of our lapse in integrity?

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:52:01 PM)
Nemi that is exactly what we mean by stepping out of our integrity

Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:52:27 PM)
whether that promise was to self or others

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:52:33 PM)
yes Nimi

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:52:36 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:52:47 PM)
so why is it important to stay in our integrity?

Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:52:54 PM)
Saying one thing or doing something else and then having to own it can be painful but that is the only way we get through it

tor (21-Jul-03 5:53:16 PM)
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Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:53:22 PM)
and understand the differentance?

Edie (21-Jul-03 5:53:23 PM)
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Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:53:41 PM)
important because when we don't we head off in a direction we may not want or need to go in....and it hurts us.

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:53:59 PM)
yes it hurts us and it hurts others

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:55:21 PM)
what other reason do we need to stay in our integrity?

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:56:00 PM)
what about trust

Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:56:05 PM)
If we do not have our word what do we have/

Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:56:22 PM)

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:56:38 PM)
well, we are constantly trying to rebuild trust

tor (21-Jul-03 5:56:56 PM)
Word is our law at least it used to be

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:57:03 PM)
we want people to trust us

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:57:12 PM)
and we need to be able to trust ourselves

Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:57:26 PM)
How can someone trust us if we change up all the time.

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 5:57:30 PM)
to depend on ourselves

Nemi (21-Jul-03 5:57:51 PM)
trust being the foundation of the self

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:58:12 PM)
Now on a galactic level trust has a slightly different meaning

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:58:38 PM)
trust is knowing and being able to rely on what people will do

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:58:56 PM)
it is not thinking that they will do "the right thing"

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 5:59:09 PM)
but it is just about knowing what they will do at all.

jdiddy (21-Jul-03 5:59:42 PM)
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Sandie (21-Jul-03 5:59:54 PM)
sometimes thing change what then?

jdiddy (21-Jul-03 6:00:00 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:00:10 PM)
sometimes we can trust people to be out of their integrity

jdiddy (21-Jul-03 6:00:33 PM)
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jdiddy (21-Jul-03 6:00:49 PM)
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DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 6:00:58 PM)
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Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:01:18 PM)
if people change then they need to somehow show people what to expect from them

Zona (21-Jul-03 6:01:33 PM)
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Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:01:40 PM)
do you understand this meaning of trust?

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:01:44 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:02:24 PM)
lets have a Q/A in case anyone has any questions on integrity

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:02:33 PM)
are there any questions

Sharon (21-Jul-03 6:02:34 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:02:41 PM)

orancia (21-Jul-03 6:02:46 PM)

jdiddy (21-Jul-03 6:02:51 PM)

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:02:51 PM)
This Q/A Period is for asking Christine questions. Please type ?, to ask a question. Have your question typed and ready to post. The Host will notify you when its your turn. Sandie MODERATOR/Galactic Counselor

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:02:53 PM)
To ask a question type ? Spark HOST/GC Apprentice

Daantacet (21-Jul-03 6:03:12 PM)
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Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:03:15 PM)
After you post "?" your question will be answered in sequence. I will notify you when you are next in line by Private Message "yn". Please have your question typed. When it is time to SEND your question, I will cue you on the MAIN screen by typing your name. Have a wonderful time! Spark HOST/GC Apprentice

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:03:35 PM)
ready for the first question

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:03:39 PM)

Sharon (21-Jul-03 6:03:48 PM)
galatic and truth?

Sharon (21-Jul-03 6:03:59 PM)
more understanding needed there

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:04:19 PM)
I am not sure what you are asking

Sharon (21-Jul-03 6:04:30 PM)
the galactic level of trust, how does it differ?

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:05:26 PM)
from the higher perspective or the galactic perspective... trust is a matter of what we can expect from someone

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:05:46 PM)
usually based on their actions

Sharon (21-Jul-03 6:05:53 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:06:11 PM)
we usually start by expecting that everyone will act in a "reasonable" manner

Sharon (21-Jul-03 6:06:20 PM)
yes, I am with you

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:06:23 PM)
what we think is reasona ble

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:06:26 PM)
as in, " I can trust a person to act a certain way in areas where they have fears"

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:06:44 PM)
but I have learned that many people have different views of what reasonable is

Sharon (21-Jul-03 6:06:51 PM)
yes, for sure

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:07:08 PM)
also as Spark says people will be influenced by their fears

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:07:16 PM)
and by their culture

Sharon (21-Jul-03 6:07:24 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:07:24 PM)
and how they grew up

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:07:33 PM)
are we complete?

Sharon (21-Jul-03 6:07:55 PM)
I am learning, will listen thank you

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:08:01 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:08:03 PM)

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:08:04 PM)

orancia (21-Jul-03 6:08:09 PM)
How can you trust someone if you are not equal to them? That is if someone more powerful than you especially on a Galactic level how can you really trust them? The more powerful side can always change their mind without any real consequences to them.

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:08:25 PM)
To ask a question type ? Spark HOST/GC Apprentice

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:08:33 PM)
this is a good question

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:08:42 PM)
This Q/A Period is for asking Christine questions. Please type ?, to ask a question. Have your question typed and ready to post. The Host will notify you when its your turn. Sandie MODERATOR/Galactic Counselor

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:08:48 PM)
on the universal level we are of course all equal

orancia (21-Jul-03 6:09:11 PM)
I know that but on Galactic level

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:09:22 PM)
there are situations where one person is in a position of power over the other

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:09:41 PM)
on the Galactic level we are still all equal

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:10:01 PM)
many times there is a lesson for us that we need to stand in our power

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:10:11 PM)
we give away our power too easily

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:10:26 PM)
and there are many who are ready to take it from us

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:11:10 PM)
again, we can trust others to the extent that we know what to expect from them

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:11:12 PM)
like doctors

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:12:22 PM)
so what do you think we should do when someone is trying to use power to make some decision that we don't agree with

tor (21-Jul-03 6:12:43 PM)
confront them

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:12:47 PM)
particularly in a situation where they are in a position to have more influence

orancia (21-Jul-03 6:13:03 PM)
me confront them

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:13:20 PM)
how would you confront them

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:13:23 PM)
stand ground

jdiddy (21-Jul-03 6:13:38 PM)
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Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:13:43 PM)
ask questions

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:13:54 PM)
yes that is good... always ask questions

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:14:04 PM)
Due to the high volume of questions, you may have a 5-15 minute wait. If your turn has not come within 15 minutes, please private message me. Thanks for your patience. Spark HOST/GC Apprentice

orancia (21-Jul-03 6:14:09 PM)
I dont really know Christine I was asking you a question

orancia (21-Jul-03 6:15:06 PM)
How would you confront someone who is more powerful than you without appying force

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:15:24 PM)
ask questions

orancia (21-Jul-03 6:15:35 PM)
Arguments with more pwoerful might not work

orancia (21-Jul-03 6:15:41 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:15:53 PM)
asking questions makes the playing field level

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:16:01 PM)
Talk about how it makes you feel

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:16:43 PM)
We have seen that "confronting" doesn't work ... this is why we are on the third grand experiment

orancia (21-Jul-03 6:16:52 PM)

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:16:56 PM)
that won't always work...the more you let them know you feel less than they, then the more they use their position of power against you

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:17:06 PM)
we already blew up a few too many planets

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:17:17 PM)
or the more we feel less than them

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:17:40 PM)
what is the trigger here? you must look at that power?

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:17:42 PM)
we must feel that we are of value within ourselves

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:17:54 PM)
and then treat the others as if they also have value

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:18:14 PM)
asking questions is a good way to communicate this

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:18:40 PM)
the key sounds like you need to feel you are as valid as they regardless of their superior knowledge on a subject or whatver....

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:18:53 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:19:01 PM)
regarless of their position of power

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:19:12 PM)
the illusion

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:19:30 PM)
possition of power does not always mean that the person has superior knowledge

orancia (21-Jul-03 6:19:32 PM)
yes but still there should ve a willingness on their part to listen

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:19:54 PM)
there should be but sometimes we may need to work at it to help them get there

orancia (21-Jul-03 6:20:15 PM)
how do we make them to listen to what we have to say in the first place

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:20:30 PM)
for some, they may never get there, and the best thing to do is to work on the trigger, and why we feel de-valued

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:20:40 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:20:58 PM)
some may never want to listen

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:21:03 PM)
what is the IC showing us

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:21:22 PM)
and we need to learn to hold onto nothing

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:22:10 PM)
ok lets get to the other part of tonight's topic

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:22:13 PM)

orancia (21-Jul-03 6:22:15 PM)
ok Christine thank you

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:22:35 PM)
To ask a follow up question, type ?? Spark HOST/GC Apprentice

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:23:31 PM)
no more questions, Q&A period is over, thanks

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:23:54 PM)
so when we step out of our integrity then we break people's trust

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:24:10 PM)
and we caue them pain

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:24:50 PM)
what kind of things take us out of our integrity?

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:25:09 PM)
breaking promises

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:25:19 PM)
not being true to our IC

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 6:25:31 PM)
breaking agreements

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:25:36 PM)

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:25:46 PM)
lies, shame, guilt

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:25:56 PM)
so how do we know when we have broken a promise or agreement

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:26:09 PM)
being held up at lunch or dinner and being late

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:26:23 PM)
usually we feel guilty, bad, avoidance....

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:26:34 PM)
it is brought to our attention

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:26:50 PM)
that is a good measure Spark

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:26:50 PM)
not asking ?'s and assuming

tor (21-Jul-03 6:27:04 PM)
that's good Sandie

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:27:04 PM)
we are back to asking questions

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:27:13 PM)
so for example

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:27:24 PM)
if we say we will meet someone at say 6 pm

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:27:41 PM)
if we show up late, how late is breakingthe agreement

tor (21-Jul-03 6:28:09 PM)
either you're pregnant or not

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:28:22 PM)

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:28:38 PM)
there has to be some shade of gray though

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:28:43 PM)
some people may not complain for a fewe minutes

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:29:08 PM)
and stuff happens!

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:29:12 PM)
but as a galactic citizen we must stand on our agreements

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:29:25 PM)
true sometimes stuff does happen

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:29:32 PM)
explaine and not do it again

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:29:47 PM)
why do you think it is important to be exact

tor (21-Jul-03 6:29:47 PM)
it takes just as much energy to the late as it does to be early

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:30:23 PM)
well, what if their truth is always to be late, couldn't we just understand that of them and know they will be true to that?

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 6:30:40 PM)
are we not all creator god or goddess? We create those things which make us late...

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:31:01 PM)
what ever our actions are is how people will learn to trust us

tor (21-Jul-03 6:31:08 PM)
is the how you want people to be with you . always late , because they got an excuse

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:31:26 PM)
yes we can create late or on time

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:31:41 PM)
I agree, was just wondering...

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:31:48 PM)
but where is the other person in that. Do you respect them enough to be on time?n

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:32:07 PM)
but if we create integrity and on-time-ness in little things then people will know that we will be trustworthy in the bigger things

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:32:21 PM)

Sharon (21-Jul-03 6:32:31 PM)
yes, yes, yes

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 6:32:32 PM)
correct, that's why confronting about a boundry issue is so important

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:32:38 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:32:51 PM)
now sometimes situations do come up

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:33:13 PM)
some we have control of and some we have less control

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:33:35 PM)
we are human and we find ourselves out of our integrity

tor (21-Jul-03 6:33:35 PM)
then you apologize

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:33:44 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:33:54 PM)
you ansswered my question before I asked it

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:33:59 PM)
this is when we make excuses and blame the other person, right?

tor (21-Jul-03 6:34:17 PM)
ha ha

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:34:24 PM)
depends if you have a two year old....

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:34:24 PM)
that is what most people do unfortunately

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:34:31 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:34:44 PM)
some people are still two year olds after decades

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:35:06 PM)
What is an apology?

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:35:20 PM)
not making excuses

tor (21-Jul-03 6:35:21 PM)
President Bush

Sharon (21-Jul-03 6:35:25 PM)
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Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:35:29 PM)
good one

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 6:35:30 PM)
speaking to the pain

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:35:33 PM)
admitting your mistake

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:35:43 PM)
an acceptance of responsibility

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:35:51 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:35:54 PM)
yes all correct

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:36:01 PM)
except Mr. B

tor (21-Jul-03 6:36:19 PM)
I was referring to the two-year-old

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:36:19 PM)
no, he's an excuse

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:36:20 PM)
acknowledgment to the other person that you are aware you broke your "promise"

Daantacet (21-Jul-03 6:36:31 PM)
(This user has left DigiChat)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:36:39 PM)
and why does an apology get you back into integrity?

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:37:10 PM)
you know you were wrong and admit it

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:37:10 PM)
because you are acknowledging your actions to yourself and others

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:37:12 PM)
because you have honored the feelings your being out of integrity caused

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:37:23 PM)
(This user has entered Monday Night Workshop)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:37:53 PM)
yes, we take responsibilitiy and we acknowledge the pain

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:38:14 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:38:21 PM)
does anyone have any questions at this point?

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:38:35 PM)
To ask a question type ? Spark HOST/GC Apprentice

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:38:45 PM)
This Q/A Period is for asking Christine questions. Please type ?, to ask a question. Have your question typed and ready to post. The Host will notify you when its your turn. Sandie MODERATOR/Galactic Counselor

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:38:57 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:39:04 PM)
ok Spark

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:39:16 PM)
What would a proper apology for being late sound like?

tor (21-Jul-03 6:39:34 PM)
given to try a spark

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:39:48 PM)
that is a good question

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:40:00 PM)
this is actually my next topic

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:40:12 PM)
ok, I can wait for the answer till the topic

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:40:31 PM)
how do we know when we have given a proper apology

tor (21-Jul-03 6:40:56 PM)
the fear and anxiety has gone from your body

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:41:16 PM)
from who's body, the apologizer or the apologee?

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:41:26 PM)
the response from the other person tells you they accept your apology

tor (21-Jul-03 6:41:27 PM)
the one doing the apology

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 6:41:38 PM)
when you have validated the other persons pain a nd excepted your apology

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:42:00 PM)
yes when the person feels validated and accepts the apology

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:42:13 PM)
does the other person need to accept it everytime?

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:42:44 PM)
sometimes an apology will not suffice for one person here it did for another

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:43:05 PM)
if is not sincere and you keep doing it

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:43:28 PM)
one needs to consider why the person did not accept the apology

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:43:30 PM)
and if it is sincere, and the person is not ready to accept it

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:43:31 PM)
no. they will look to the next time to see if you meant what you said.

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:43:42 PM)
than it goes back to trust

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:44:03 PM)
sometimes the person does not accept because there are other issues that get in the way

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:44:13 PM)
their own issues too

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 6:44:22 PM)
maybe they haven't felt the sincereness of the apology

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:44:41 PM)
sometimes they dont feel the sincerness because it is not there

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:44:41 PM)
or a pattern repeated

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:44:51 PM)
sometimes it is their and they don't want to feel it

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:45:11 PM)
I agree with Tor, it is when the anxiety is gone in "MY" Body

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:45:18 PM)
IC ?

tor (21-Jul-03 6:45:24 PM)
sometimes people use apology as a power thing

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:45:30 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:45:35 PM)
that can also happen

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:45:48 PM)
as long as I apologize, I can do whatever I want...

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:45:57 PM)

tor (21-Jul-03 6:45:59 PM)
Hell no

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:46:14 PM)
hot in here?

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:46:23 PM)
ha ha

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:46:25 PM)
that is an exapme of using it as a power thing

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:46:29 PM)
yeah, wars can begin in insincere apologies

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:46:39 PM)
people figure an apology buys them forgiveness and they can continue on.

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:46:46 PM)

tor (21-Jul-03 6:46:49 PM)
I agree

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:47:04 PM)
but an apology doesn't have anything to do with forgiveness

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:47:09 PM)
apologize to god in confessional

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:47:11 PM)
the true test for me is if my ACTIONS change

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:47:13 PM)
forgiveness implies blame

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:47:33 PM)
and there is no blame when there is responsibility

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:47:37 PM)
no but they think it does and don't realize they have to have truth behind the apology

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:47:38 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:47:46 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:47:56 PM)
so we are back to truth and integrity

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:48:09 PM)
a good apology would hold within it the desire to change that action and remain in a persons integrity?

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:48:26 PM)

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:48:27 PM)
I fail at that in one relationship, then I am not in good standing with my i. c. and the cycle continues

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:49:26 PM)
Now what if we give a sincere heartfelt apology and ther person still doenst accept it

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:50:06 PM)
or what if they say they accept it but don't

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:50:06 PM)
then we have to accept their feelings and let it go.?

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:50:16 PM)
yes... hold onto nothing

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:50:23 PM)
it is on them if we do not repeat the issuse and they still hold on to the pain

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:50:32 PM)
and make sure we are a little early the next time

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:50:40 PM)
good one

tor (21-Jul-03 6:50:54 PM)
you got it spark

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:50:55 PM)
yes... always be early

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:51:03 PM)
actions speak louder than words!

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:51:06 PM)
or make a later time

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:51:17 PM)
walking the talk

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:52:14 PM)
does anyone have any questions at this point?

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:52:54 PM)
To ask a question type ? Spark HOST/GC Apprentice

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:53:12 PM)
apologies seem so simple but I have found them to be difficult at times

tor (21-Jul-03 6:53:31 PM)
me too

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 6:53:33 PM)
owning up is tuff at times

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:53:36 PM)
oh yes

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:53:44 PM)
especially with closer ones to me

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:54:01 PM)
me too easier as I work with the formula

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:54:35 PM)
Don't seem to have that much trouble until it is with someone that I still feel it's not like it should be with them.......knowing better, but being honest

Nemi (21-Jul-03 6:54:36 PM)
I think it's easier to own up to stuff but harder not to apologize for stuff that's not yours but you feel responsible for in some odd way.

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:54:56 PM)
yes, Nemi

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:55:45 PM)
THat is where I am at, owning up but can't humble myself to apologize

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:55:54 PM)
I have found it hard to accept that I am out of integrity because I try so hard to be in it all the time

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:56:11 PM)
kinda like when is it there turn........yes, Christine

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 6:56:29 PM)
So what does that say about what you are doing to your IC? Sharon

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:56:40 PM)
I know now that it is not the way I should walk, but am doing the work with the IC

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:56:49 PM)
exactly, I am seeing that this eve

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:57:03 PM)
elaborate if you will

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:57:17 PM)
I love when we can put it in a life cituation

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:57:21 PM)
So it is a good idea to check in with the IC when apologizing

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:57:27 PM)

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:57:44 PM)
OH............, have not done that yet.......

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:57:57 PM)
I am newer to tuning in with her

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:58:01 PM)
the IC can tell you how he or she feels hurt

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:58:11 PM)
or scared

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:58:14 PM)
check in b4 apologizing?

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:58:21 PM)
what if she does not want to......scared she is petrified

Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:58:26 PM)
what the ic would like to say

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:58:40 PM)
if you have issues with apologizing then one should check in with the IC

Melanie (21-Jul-03 6:58:43 PM)
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Sandie (21-Jul-03 6:59:02 PM)
what is IC afaird of

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:59:06 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 6:59:18 PM)
or if she is angry the find out why

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:59:25 PM)

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 6:59:44 PM)
it would kinda suck to start apologizing and have the IC butt in with some anger

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:59:50 PM)
this is just a contiunuation of last weeks SHAME for me

sharon (21-Jul-03 6:59:57 PM)
she does spark

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:00:22 PM)
I can be apologizing with one certain person and think you suck at this, give up

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:00:34 PM)
yes, shame can go hand in hand with needing to apologize

Sandie (21-Jul-03 7:00:49 PM)
my body get hot

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 7:00:53 PM)
is there such a thing as putting too much into an apology?

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:01:01 PM)
because we are apologizing for something that we know we should not have done

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 7:01:03 PM)
asking questions with your IC to find what's comfortable for making a apology is important

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:01:11 PM)
Shame of doing it but not staying with my word because of fear or other manifesting things

Sandie (21-Jul-03 7:01:25 PM)
my IC wants to run but we work it out

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:01:26 PM)
exactly Christine

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:01:53 PM)
that is the hardest

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 7:02:01 PM)
Usually there is always a mirror in every situation

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:02:07 PM)
I am realizing this apology is really hard on my

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:02:10 PM)
sometimes we may even feel the need because of shame to apologize where a person we apologize to may not feel slighted

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:02:26 PM)
it can be very freeing Sharon

Sandie (21-Jul-03 7:02:39 PM)

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 7:02:40 PM)
yes, I then let them know why I am still sorry

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:02:53 PM)
not because they release you but because you own up to your resonsibility

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:02:54 PM)
yes, this is key to my i.c. work where we are right now

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:03:04 PM)

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 7:03:20 PM)
you go girl

Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:04:00 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:04:02 PM)
ok... if anyone still has questions I will stick around a bit during free chat

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:04:11 PM)
I'll answer that one

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 7:04:16 PM)

Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:04:20 PM)
Is there a time when you can apologize too much?

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:04:44 PM)
it is time to stop whent he other person accepts the apology

Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:04:52 PM)
I mean when a person keeps you apologizing

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:04:59 PM)
if you continue to apologize then you are invalidating it

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:05:25 PM)
if the person keeps you apologizing then it could be that they are bringing in other issues

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 7:05:40 PM)
and they may or may not be conscious of them

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:05:42 PM)
you may need to keep them focused on that issue

Sandie (21-Jul-03 7:05:44 PM)
there stuff not yours

Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:05:55 PM)
yup. thanks

Sandie (21-Jul-03 7:05:55 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:06:02 PM)
I had that situation once

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 7:06:03 PM)

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 7:06:07 PM)
asking if you are complete with them helps as well

Sandie (21-Jul-03 7:06:12 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:06:23 PM)
the person finally accepted the apology

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:06:46 PM)
but I let him know that I was angry for him bringing in the other issues

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:06:58 PM)
afraid of the next step, not letting go of the outcome is a doozy for me right now

Sandie (21-Jul-03 7:06:58 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:07:02 PM)
but onlly AFTER he accepted the apology

Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:07:16 PM)
the person finally accepts the apology and then lets it go.

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 7:07:32 PM)
hold on to nothing...it's not your stuff

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:07:41 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:08:05 PM)
hold onto nothing comes up so much, that is the topic I will facilitate next month

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:08:29 PM)
I would love that topic for sure

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 7:08:31 PM)

Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:08:31 PM)
it's a good topic.

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:08:35 PM)
I want to thank you all for coming tonight

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 7:08:43 PM)
yea Christine

Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:08:45 PM)
thanks to you too!

Sandie (21-Jul-03 7:08:53 PM)
Thank you all

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 7:08:53 PM)
yea Sandie

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:08:55 PM)
Thanks also to Sandie and Spark

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 7:08:56 PM)
yea Spark

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 7:09:03 PM)
I'm going from 'hold onto everything' to 'hold onto some things' and now I'm trying 'hold onto nothing'

Sandie (21-Jul-03 7:09:10 PM)
Great work

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 7:09:20 PM)
Thanks for letting me learn here

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:09:21 PM)
good for you Spark

Edie (21-Jul-03 7:09:24 PM)
thank you, Christine, Sandie, and Spark

tor (21-Jul-03 7:09:42 PM)
you come a long way spark . I'm proud of you

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 7:09:42 PM)
You are welcome, round of applause for our great audience tonight...

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 7:09:45 PM)
clap clap

Sandie (21-Jul-03 7:09:45 PM)
thanks Spark

Sandie (21-Jul-03 7:09:53 PM)
thanks Christine

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:09:59 PM)
tata all]

Zona (21-Jul-03 7:10:10 PM)
Thanks guy's and gal's.

Spark - HOST/ GCA (21-Jul-03 7:10:27 PM)
Free chat has begun

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:10:40 PM)
(This user is now known as Spark - GCA)

tor (21-Jul-03 7:11:06 PM)
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DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 7:11:39 PM)
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DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 7:11:48 PM)
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Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:11:55 PM)

DNA Junkie (21-Jul-03 7:12:16 PM)
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Sandie (21-Jul-03 7:12:17 PM)
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sharon (21-Jul-03 7:12:28 PM)
can you chat on any subject?

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:12:34 PM)
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Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:12:36 PM)
Christine, I was just wondering about boundaries and how they can affect staying in one's integrity

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:12:45 PM)
yeah, off topic questions are welcome, I'll page her

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:12:56 PM)
can you ask again in a sec?

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:13:00 PM)
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sharon (21-Jul-03 7:13:02 PM)

Edie (21-Jul-03 7:13:16 PM)
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Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:14:10 PM)
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Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:14:47 PM)
looks like they are discussing how things went

Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:15:01 PM)
oh, are they happy with the session?

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:15:15 PM)
yeah, do you guys feel it went well?

Zona (21-Jul-03 7:15:22 PM)
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Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:15:30 PM)

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:15:55 PM)
cool, I'll see if they are coming back, but I can't guarantee it, back in a minute

Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:16:00 PM)

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:16:01 PM)
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Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:16:33 PM)
sharon, orancia you stilll here?

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:16:48 PM)
I was awakened in the middle of the night to a word that I never heard before. Typed it into google and got to a site. That is usually divine for me. Got me to a site called NESARA, heard of it, any thoughts.

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:17:41 PM)
(This user has entered Monday Night Workshop)

Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:17:44 PM)
heard of it, not sure of the validity and how it would work in our capitalistic society but ...

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:17:55 PM)
they will be back in a minute

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:18:02 PM)
thanks spark

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:18:05 PM)

Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:18:08 PM)
ok, thanks

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:18:13 PM)
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Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:21:17 PM)
well, I need to get going. have a good night!

Nemi (21-Jul-03 7:21:23 PM)
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Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:21:30 PM)
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Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:21:35 PM)
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Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:21:41 PM)
they all left

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:21:44 PM)

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:21:48 PM)
I am here

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:21:52 PM)
oh good

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:21:53 PM)
orancia too?

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:22:23 PM)
were we out of integrity for leaving during free chat?

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:22:33 PM)
I don't think so

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:22:43 PM)
we are supposed to have a debriefing after also

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:23:01 PM)
hmm, I will check, but Nemi did have a question, and it didn't get answered

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:23:05 PM)
I asked the question of hearing a word in the night, going to google and typing it in getting to a site called NESARA, wondered if anyone had a ny thoughts, has Jelilia shared any on it

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:23:16 PM)
what was the word?

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:23:23 PM)
on Nesara?

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:23:26 PM)

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:23:43 PM)
yeah, that's a bill that is either an illusion, or a reality

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:23:53 PM)

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:24:11 PM)
it is supposed to be real but will only happen when the people are ready for it

Christine (LoM) FACILITATOR, GC (21-Jul-03 7:24:17 PM)
we are a long way from being ready

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:24:19 PM)
it's a matter of perception, would you prefer to wait around for it to happen, or take steps to find your financial foundation right now

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:24:41 PM)
I think it's a scam, personally

Christine (LoM) - GC (21-Jul-03 7:24:46 PM)
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Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:25:06 PM)
but a lot of folks are behind it, so I dunno

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:25:29 PM)
Jelaila mentioned it as a probable occurence this year

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:25:31 PM)
well, I did not think that word up for sure........still don't know, I resonated with the spiritual aspect of much of it.

Christine (LoM) - GC (21-Jul-03 7:26:00 PM)
I think different things will happen for different people depending on what frequency they are at

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:26:00 PM)
in the first workshop since we started MNW's again

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:26:02 PM)
I had many of dreams in the past of being given large $ and being responsible for overseeing it

Christine (LoM) - GC (21-Jul-03 7:26:22 PM)
that is good

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:26:31 PM)
hadn't had any for lots of months, then the word in the night

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:26:32 PM)
Past life perhaps?

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:26:49 PM)
might be?

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:26:59 PM)
guides letting you know something to look at, perhaps you have some unconscious feelings about money

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:27:10 PM)
about escapism through money

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:27:20 PM)
good point

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:27:33 PM)
I am in debt, and desperatly don't want to be

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:27:36 PM)
me too

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:27:44 PM)
I got them beating down my door

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:27:50 PM)
and I'm 'never home'

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:27:56 PM)

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:28:00 PM)
They are continually stating it will only happen if we choose it to

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:28:20 PM)
yeah, which covers there ass when it never happens

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:28:29 PM)
no one listens to a

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:28:34 PM)
bad prophet

Christine (LoM) - GC (21-Jul-03 7:28:34 PM)
well, I will see you both later

Christine (LoM) - GC (21-Jul-03 7:28:37 PM)
have a good evening

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:28:38 PM)
that is one way of looking at it.

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:28:45 PM)
night LoM

Christine (LoM) - GC (21-Jul-03 7:28:53 PM)
good night

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:28:54 PM)
there is new money coming, ask any bank or post office

Christine (LoM) - GC (21-Jul-03 7:28:56 PM)
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sharon (21-Jul-03 7:28:57 PM)

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:29:36 PM)
takes a lot out of control, the hidden things too

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:29:43 PM)
I think it comes down to perception, how we view these things that matter

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:29:51 PM)

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:30:04 PM)
If I were to view every hindrance, every debt I missed paying

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:30:16 PM)
as an affront, as an unclimbable fence

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:30:25 PM)
then I would see triggers everywhere financially

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:30:28 PM)
gotta run, daughter needing me......nice to chat with you

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:30:33 PM)
and perpetuate the

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:30:34 PM)

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:30:35 PM)

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:30:37 PM)

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:30:39 PM)

sharon (21-Jul-03 7:30:42 PM)
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Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:30:42 PM)

Spark - GCA (21-Jul-03 7:30:55 PM)
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