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Pain, Your IC is Talking To You

Chat Workshop January 19, 2004

Facilitator: Christine Salazar


Bjelke (19-Jan-04 5:30:47 PM)
hello Rebecca

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:30:55 PM)
hello everyone

Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:31:03 PM)

Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:31:10 PM)
good to see you all

Bjelke (19-Jan-04 5:31:23 PM)

dz (19-Jan-04 5:31:29 PM)

Bjelke (19-Jan-04 5:31:32 PM)
Rebeccam do you speak spanish?

crea (19-Jan-04 5:31:33 PM)
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Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:31:42 PM)
yes Bjelke, do you?

Don (19-Jan-04 5:31:44 PM)
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Bjelke (19-Jan-04 5:31:48 PM)

Ed (19-Jan-04 5:31:48 PM)
no espanoL is about the extent of my spanish

Ed (19-Jan-04 5:31:52 PM)

Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:31:52 PM)

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:31:57 PM)

Bjelke (19-Jan-04 5:31:58 PM)
me olvide de preguntarte en el workshop pasado

Heide (19-Jan-04 5:32:08 PM)
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Don (19-Jan-04 5:32:10 PM)

Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:32:12 PM)
ha ya:+)

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:32:14 PM)
hello Don

Rachel- MODERATOR/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:32:14 PM)

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:32:20 PM)
hello Heide

Bjelke (19-Jan-04 5:32:23 PM)
donde aprendiste?

Heide (19-Jan-04 5:32:26 PM)

crea (19-Jan-04 5:32:32 PM)
hello all;)

Piel (19-Jan-04 5:32:33 PM)
Is dizzy an ascension sympthon?

Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:32:35 PM)
soy panamena

Bjelke (19-Jan-04 5:32:49 PM)
yo soy argentina

Rachel- MODERATOR/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:32:56 PM)
it can be

Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:32:57 PM)
mucho gusto

Bjelke (19-Jan-04 5:33:02 PM)

Ed (19-Jan-04 5:33:05 PM)
oh , I do know.....mui, bein madre tue , tau I don't know if I am spelling them correctly

Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:33:06 PM)

Bjelke (19-Jan-04 5:33:20 PM)

Rachel- MODERATOR/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:33:31 PM)
Welcome to our Online Workshop! The topic is: Pain, Your Inner Child is Talking to You. Rachel MODERATOR/GCA

Ed (19-Jan-04 5:33:33 PM)
yeah its a work in progress

Ed (19-Jan-04 5:33:34 PM)

Rachel- MODERATOR/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:33:49 PM)
To learn how to participate in the workshop visit the Online Workshops Format Page: http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/mondayformat.html#

fallen (19-Jan-04 5:34:00 PM)
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crea (19-Jan-04 5:34:00 PM)
that sounds like a great topic...is this the same one as "the pain of being unconscious"?

Rachel- MODERATOR/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:34:06 PM)
If you have a question about the Chat Room Guidelines, they are posted at: http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/chatrooms.html

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:34:12 PM)
hello everyone

kriss (19-Jan-04 5:34:13 PM)
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Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:34:18 PM)
Questions will be answered in sequence beginning after Christine announces it is time for questions to begin. Please don't post your ? until Christine announces it's question time. Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:34:25 PM)
Tonight I want to talk about how our Inner Child Communicates with us.

Piel (19-Jan-04 5:34:26 PM)
nice topic

Bjelke (19-Jan-04 5:34:26 PM)
great topic Rachel!

Ed (19-Jan-04 5:34:28 PM)
hello christine

Rachel- MODERATOR/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:34:33 PM)
Free Chat begins at 9:30 pm CST after the Workshop. Christine will be available to answer off topic questions at that time. Thanks for your cooperation! Rachel MODERATOR/GCA

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:34:44 PM)
And how by listening to him or her, we can live a happier and healthier life

Ed (19-Jan-04 5:34:45 PM)
hi kriss and crea

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:35:01 PM)
and get insight into the issues that we have chosen to work on in this lifetime

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:35:14 PM)
Does everyone know who the Inner Child is?

Bjelke (19-Jan-04 5:35:25 PM)

Kerry (19-Jan-04 5:35:30 PM)
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Heide (19-Jan-04 5:35:33 PM)

crea (19-Jan-04 5:35:34 PM)

Piel (19-Jan-04 5:35:43 PM)

kriss (19-Jan-04 5:35:50 PM)

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:35:54 PM)
In the Soul/Ego/Self partnership, the Inner Child is the same as the Ego.

Don (19-Jan-04 5:35:54 PM)
my inner child yes

Ed (19-Jan-04 5:35:55 PM)

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:36:07 PM)
The role of the Inner Child is to preserve the physical body. from harm and from death

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:36:20 PM)
This includes protecting it from emotional pain which in her mind means rejection and therefore death

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:36:40 PM)
The IC remembers all that has ever happened to us in all of our lifetimes.

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:36:54 PM)
She tries to protect us by not letting us repeat things that caused us pain in the past.

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:37:04 PM)
At the same time the Soul, sometimes called the Higher Self, is trying to urge us forward to learn the lessons that we have agreed to work on in this life time

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:37:18 PM)
which we have outlined in our Life Blueprint before we came here.

cindyj (19-Jan-04 5:37:30 PM)
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Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:37:34 PM)
The Self is that "adult" part of us that deals with the physical reality and

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:37:51 PM)
evaluates and discerns what path to follow by listening to both the Soul and the Inner Child.

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:38:05 PM)
The Self also has a certain level of physical and emotional pain that it is willing to accept.

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:38:18 PM)
When the level of pain becomes more than the Self can accept then the Inner Child needs to find a way of coping.

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:38:32 PM)
What are some of the coping methods that we use?

fallen (19-Jan-04 5:38:47 PM)

Rachel- MODERATOR/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:38:52 PM)

Heide (19-Jan-04 5:38:54 PM)

crea (19-Jan-04 5:38:54 PM)
drugs, food, tv

Bjelke (19-Jan-04 5:38:54 PM)

Ed (19-Jan-04 5:39:02 PM)

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:39:08 PM)

Ed (19-Jan-04 5:39:09 PM)

Ed (19-Jan-04 5:39:13 PM)

Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:39:19 PM)
blocking ourselves from success

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:39:28 PM)

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:39:48 PM)
the IC also creates phobias

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:40:01 PM)
fears of spiders or heights etc

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:40:22 PM)
are there any questions about the Inner Child?

crea (19-Jan-04 5:40:25 PM)

Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:40:27 PM)
To ask a question type ? Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:40:40 PM)
go ahead crea

dz (19-Jan-04 5:41:01 PM)
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crea (19-Jan-04 5:41:08 PM)
why must the IC find a way of coping when the pain becomes too great for the self? is it because the self can no longer soothe the IC and the IC becomes extremely scared?

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:41:26 PM)
the IC is like a child

crea (19-Jan-04 5:41:26 PM)
extra, extra scared?

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:41:36 PM)
and sees the Self as her parent

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:41:46 PM)
the IC still feels the pain

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:41:59 PM)
but tries hard to please the parent or self

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:42:04 PM)
by stuffing the pain

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:42:16 PM)
but the IC still has to cope with the pain

fallen (19-Jan-04 5:42:24 PM)

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:42:40 PM)
so she drinks or eats or some way sooths herself

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:42:51 PM)
did that answer your question?

crea (19-Jan-04 5:42:58 PM)
so the IC is actually attempting to "save" the self?

magicman (19-Jan-04 5:43:00 PM)
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Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:43:18 PM)
in a sense you could say that

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:43:45 PM)
save the whole partnership from pain and there fore death

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:44:03 PM)
are we complete?

crea (19-Jan-04 5:44:05 PM)
thank you...complete:)

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:44:08 PM)

crea (19-Jan-04 5:44:08 PM)

Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:44:10 PM)

fallen (19-Jan-04 5:44:13 PM)
why is it like a child?

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:44:59 PM)
because she reacts as a child does

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:45:51 PM)
she associates herself with the physical body

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:46:10 PM)
children are very clear what they want

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:46:24 PM)
and what will satisfy them and make them happy

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:46:35 PM)
they want to have fun and play and be comfortable

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:46:54 PM)
they live in the now

dz (19-Jan-04 5:47:06 PM)
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Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:47:09 PM)
without worrying about anything ie

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:47:17 PM)
except the immediate needs

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:47:24 PM)
so in that way they are like a child

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:47:37 PM)
are we complete?

fallen (19-Jan-04 5:47:42 PM)
yes ty

Rebecca/HOSTESS/GCA (19-Jan-04 5:47:44 PM)
go ahead crea

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:47:44 PM)

crea (19-Jan-04 5:48:12 PM)
so would you say it's the IC who wants to smoke (even if you are getting huge realizations from doing it)?

Humor (19-Jan-04 5:48:37 PM)
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Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:48:40 PM)
it is the IC wanting to medicate the pain

crea (19-Jan-04 5:49:06 PM)
is it the IC who wants to do drugs and eat and watch tv?

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:49:36 PM)
probably... and again it is to medicate some kind of pain

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:50:01 PM)
there are other reasons to say drink wine or watch tv

crea (19-Jan-04 5:50:09 PM)

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:50:31 PM)
but if they become compulsive then they are probably to mask some pain

Christine FACILITATOR / GC (19-Jan-04 5:50:50 PM)
so we have to look at our motivati







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