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Ashtar Maldek Timeline

Chat workshop from June 9, 2003

Facilitator: Christine Salazar



Nicole (09-Jun-03 4:48:11 PM)
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zolarana (09-Jun-03 4:48:18 PM)
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Don (09-Jun-03 4:48:58 PM)
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zolarana (09-Jun-03 4:49:08 PM)

Luz (09-Jun-03 4:50:04 PM)
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PJ (09-Jun-03 4:50:42 PM)
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PJ (09-Jun-03 4:51:36 PM)
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zolarana (09-Jun-03 4:51:59 PM)
Are we starting this chat soon?

Don (09-Jun-03 4:52:46 PM)
I assume we are early so you can try your quesiton

zolarana (09-Jun-03 4:54:07 PM)
Don, if you have a question, go ahead

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 4:54:50 PM)
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zolarana (09-Jun-03 4:55:11 PM)
when can be start asking questions - we are new to this

Don (09-Jun-03 4:55:18 PM)
Ive been reading about walkins and Lightworkers and I fit the description of each one some how do I find out if I am mot any of them at all.

zolarana (09-Jun-03 4:56:15 PM)
you can get a reading from any of the galactic counselors and your guides and the ones from the Nibiruan council will give you the information you are seeking

Don (09-Jun-03 4:56:38 PM)
I have been on the spirtual path for a long time and have wondered if I was a starseed

Don (09-Jun-03 4:56:46 PM)

zolarana (09-Jun-03 4:57:36 PM)
there are a lot of star seeds and walkins incarnated at this time for there is much to be done and we have to have all of us awake so to speak

Don (09-Jun-03 4:57:54 PM)
Doris what time does the chat start officially

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:00:20 PM)
Hi Don it starts at 8:00 central time

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:00:39 PM)
what is the time difference between central and eastern time

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:01:52 PM)
Eastern time it would start at 7:00.

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:02:08 PM)
eastern one hour earlier.

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:02:47 PM)
my clock says 8:25 pm eastern time - that indicates that the chat is over?

Don (09-Jun-03 5:03:55 PM)
If it starts in about 35 minutes it will be here.

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:04:18 PM)
Right Don.

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:05:18 PM)
it ocurred to me that east time should be one hour later - meaning it starts at 9 pm. i think I got it

Don (09-Jun-03 5:06:18 PM)
This is my first Chat. I have missed it several times before. I will find it interesting to see what happens here

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:06:36 PM)
so do I - i have a few questions

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:07:55 PM)
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Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:08:07 PM)
Hi Christine

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:08:16 PM)
hello Doris

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:08:17 PM)
Hi Christine

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:08:22 PM)
hello zolarana

Don (09-Jun-03 5:08:36 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:08:39 PM)
hello Don

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:08:44 PM)
hello luz

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:09:00 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:09:13 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:09:27 PM)
I will be back in a bit

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:09:32 PM)
do we start typing the question mark to indicate we want to ask a question

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:09:33 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:09:52 PM)
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Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:10:07 PM)
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zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:11:40 PM)
hang in there - they will be back

camel (09-Jun-03 5:15:03 PM)
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zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:15:30 PM)
Hi Camel

Don (09-Jun-03 5:15:36 PM)
Hi Camel

Katja (09-Jun-03 5:18:10 PM)
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camel (09-Jun-03 5:18:13 PM)
Hi , I am having PC trouble sorry.

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:18:30 PM)
Hi Katja, Hi Camel

Don (09-Jun-03 5:20:13 PM)
HI Katja

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:25:26 PM)
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Tammy (09-Jun-03 5:25:32 PM)
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Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:25:56 PM)
Hey Tammy...good to see you.

Larry (09-Jun-03 5:25:58 PM)
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Tammy (09-Jun-03 5:26:05 PM)
Hi Doris!!!

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:26:27 PM)
Hi Larry

Larry (09-Jun-03 5:26:37 PM)

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:26:47 PM)
Hi Camel

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 5:27:20 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:27:23 PM)
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vivian (09-Jun-03 5:27:33 PM)
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zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:27:39 PM)
Hi Sandie

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:27:40 PM)
hello Vivian

Humor (09-Jun-03 5:27:40 PM)
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Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:27:47 PM)
Hi Vivian

vivian (09-Jun-03 5:28:02 PM)
hi doris and christine

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:28:16 PM)
Hi Sandie

Tor (09-Jun-03 5:28:21 PM)
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Lunaria (09-Jun-03 5:28:30 PM)
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Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:28:31 PM)
Hi Tor

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:28:36 PM)
hello tor

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:28:41 PM)
Hi Lunaria

Lunaria (09-Jun-03 5:28:50 PM)
Hi Shasta

Daantacet (09-Jun-03 5:28:57 PM)
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Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:29:14 PM)

Daantacet (09-Jun-03 5:29:22 PM)
Hi Doris

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 5:30:44 PM)
Hello everyone!

Katja (09-Jun-03 5:30:51 PM)
Hi everybody

Lunaria (09-Jun-03 5:30:55 PM)
hi Sandie

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 5:31:01 PM)
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Tammy (09-Jun-03 5:31:02 PM)
Hi Everybody!!!

Tor (09-Jun-03 5:31:07 PM)
hi Sandie

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:31:09 PM)
Hi Sandie and everybody

Lunaria (09-Jun-03 5:31:10 PM)
hi Katja

Tammy (09-Jun-03 5:31:12 PM)
Hey Mikie!!!

Humor (09-Jun-03 5:31:14 PM)
Hi everyone!

Lunaria (09-Jun-03 5:31:25 PM)
hi Humor

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:31:30 PM)
Hello Humor

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 5:31:35 PM)

Kay (09-Jun-03 5:31:46 PM)
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Lunaria (09-Jun-03 5:31:49 PM)
Hi Tiamat

Tammy (09-Jun-03 5:31:53 PM)
Hi Kay!!

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:31:57 PM)
Hi Michael

Sassy (09-Jun-03 5:32:01 PM)
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Humor (09-Jun-03 5:32:03 PM)
Hi Tiamat

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:32:03 PM)
Hi Kay

Kay (09-Jun-03 5:32:04 PM)
Hi Tammy

Don (09-Jun-03 5:32:06 PM)
Hello All

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:32:10 PM)
Hey Sassy Hi

Kay (09-Jun-03 5:32:14 PM)
Hi Doris

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:32:15 PM)
Hello Tammy

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 5:32:18 PM)
Tammy, Lun, Shasta

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:32:18 PM)
Hello Sassy

Tammy (09-Jun-03 5:32:22 PM)
Hi Christine!

Sassy (09-Jun-03 5:32:29 PM)
Hi Dois and all

Tammy (09-Jun-03 5:32:36 PM)
Hi Sassy!

Sassy (09-Jun-03 5:32:53 PM)

Zona (09-Jun-03 5:32:58 PM)
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Kay (09-Jun-03 5:33:07 PM)
Hi Tor

Sassy (09-Jun-03 5:33:09 PM)

Zona (09-Jun-03 5:33:31 PM)
Hi Kay

Kay (09-Jun-03 5:33:37 PM)
Hi Zona

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:33:47 PM)
Hi Zona

Zona (09-Jun-03 5:34:00 PM)
How was your week Kay?

Zona (09-Jun-03 5:34:10 PM)
Hi Doris

Tor (09-Jun-03 5:34:14 PM)
hi Kay

Kay (09-Jun-03 5:34:19 PM)
Things are really moving forward for me. Thanks for asking.

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 5:34:29 PM)
Welcome to our Monday Night Workshop! The topic is: Ashtar/Maldek. Sandie Hall MODERATOR/Galactic Counselor

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:34:50 PM)
Welcome everybody

Zona (09-Jun-03 5:34:50 PM)
Hi Tor, glad to see you back, you also Doris.

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:35:07 PM)
Hi Christine

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:35:31 PM)
We are going to be talking about the Ashtar Maldek timeline tonight

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 5:35:36 PM)
Welcome Christine

Holly (09-Jun-03 5:35:36 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:35:53 PM)
I will first give a summary and outline of the Ashtar Maldek timeline.

micheloff (09-Jun-03 5:36:01 PM)
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Sassy (09-Jun-03 5:36:05 PM)
I want to learn about this!

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:36:07 PM)
Then we can open it up for questions.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:36:24 PM)
Is everyone ready

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:36:28 PM)

Kay (09-Jun-03 5:36:28 PM)

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:36:29 PM)

Don (09-Jun-03 5:36:30 PM)

Humor (09-Jun-03 5:36:31 PM)

Holly (09-Jun-03 5:36:32 PM)

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 5:36:32 PM)

Luz (09-Jun-03 5:36:34 PM)

Zona (09-Jun-03 5:36:35 PM)

Sassy (09-Jun-03 5:36:37 PM)

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 5:36:41 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:36:42 PM)
This is an overview of the pieces that the Ashtar Maldek Galactic Counselors got at their workshop in March.

Lunaria (09-Jun-03 5:36:46 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:36:59 PM)
The story itself was very complicated with twists and turns of intrigues and layers upon layer of interaction and conflict.

fire angel (09-Jun-03 5:37:06 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:37:21 PM)
Each person had a significant role he or she played in the story and a role that was significant for each represented race for the changing of the timeline and for the creation of the new template to clear the Ashtar/Maldek block.

Jackie (09-Jun-03 5:37:30 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:37:47 PM)
We each accessed the akashic record for our individual soul for that life time and brought that knowledge forward for the understanding of the group scenario and interaction.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:38:13 PM)
We worked almost around the clock for most of the week at the workshop going through details and reliving the interactions and relationships, at every turn discovering new pieces of the puzzle.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:38:34 PM)
We have gotten more pieces since the March workshop. And it turns out that some of the December Counselors also have roles to play in the AM timeline.

liza (09-Jun-03 5:38:38 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:38:58 PM)
The overview of the story is as follow

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:39:14 PM)
The reptilian forces on Maldek were angry at the way the humans were destroying and polluting the beautiful planets of the galaxy where they lived.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:39:34 PM)
The forces of Maldek therefore were busily, maliciously destroying and enslaving the humans in revenge.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:39:51 PM)
Negotiations over the war had come to a stand still and the Orion group had walked away from the negotiating table.

Edie (09-Jun-03 5:39:51 PM)
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GA (09-Jun-03 5:40:07 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:40:29 PM)
As a result of desire for personal revenge, political gain and overall intrigue one federation ship had been lured out of the neutral zone.

fire angel (09-Jun-03 5:40:39 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:40:55 PM)
It was attacked by the forces on Maldek who saw this as an invasion of their space.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:41:10 PM)
As a result of the attack on the ship, the Federation sent in the Ashtar fleet to take out the military bases on Maldek.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:41:27 PM)
They were subsequently called back but several of the commanders did not turn back.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:41:53 PM)
For various reasons of their own they wanted revenge and felt they had nothing to lose in breaking protocol and continuing on.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:42:15 PM)
Although the intention and understanding of most of the commanders was that the they were going in to take out military bases,

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:42:34 PM)
the actuality of it was that, through more intrigue, revenge and scheming,

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:42:48 PM)
a scalar weapon was sent out with the fleet on the ship that transported the priestesses to be used on the planet.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:43:02 PM)
This blew up the planet and annihilated the Ashtar fleet.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:43:20 PM)
As a result of the scalar weapon, all the crew were killed and the AI ships were left, lost in hyperspace, running the same program over and over for eternity.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:43:40 PM)
Those people incarnate in this life time who feel they have a connection to Ashtar were probably involved in this scenario in some way and likely were killed in the blast that destroyed the planet and the ships.

fire angel (09-Jun-03 5:44:06 PM)
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Cosette (09-Jun-03 5:44:17 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:44:17 PM)
Most people were probably either on one of the ships which carried families as well as those fighting the war and running the ships or were on the planet which had a civilian population in addition to the military bases.

summerhead (09-Jun-03 5:44:22 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:44:34 PM)
By the way, you will be happy to know that in creating our template that the Ashtar ships have been found and released from hyperspace.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:44:57 PM)
Do you Sandie or Doris or any one have anthing to add to this?

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:45:20 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:45:32 PM)
if not we can now take questions and start to fill in the details

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:45:46 PM)
I remember flying space ships and I have been able to draw different shapes of these ships. I know that I fly them very well

Coral (09-Jun-03 5:46:13 PM)
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Coral (09-Jun-03 5:46:24 PM)

Luz (09-Jun-03 5:46:24 PM)
What is our mission now?

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 5:46:25 PM)
If you wish to ask Christine a question, type ? Have your question ready. The Hostess will let you know when it is your turn by private message yn. Sandie MODERATOR/Galactic Counselor

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:46:27 PM)
do you feel like your ship was in the Ashtar Maldek timeline

Don (09-Jun-03 5:46:34 PM)

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 5:46:36 PM)

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:46:39 PM)

Sassy (09-Jun-03 5:46:46 PM)

Luz (09-Jun-03 5:46:51 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:46:53 PM)
ok first question

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:46:56 PM)
Yes I do

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 5:47:02 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:47:14 PM)

Don (09-Jun-03 5:47:23 PM)
Are there many of the plannets that are occupied by humans ? Is the Federation Human or other types if

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:47:26 PM)

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 5:47:30 PM)
night everybody

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:48:03 PM)
At the time of the Ashtar Maldek timeline there were many planets that were occupied by humans

Larry (09-Jun-03 5:48:10 PM)
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Don (09-Jun-03 5:48:32 PM)
Is the Federation a Human organization;

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:48:33 PM)
At that time many races had the ability to fly with ships through space

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:48:52 PM)
the Federation is made up of many different races

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:49:00 PM)
Humans are part of it

Don (09-Jun-03 5:49:07 PM)
Is this time line now

Don (09-Jun-03 5:49:22 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:49:26 PM)
all timelines are actually taking place at the same time

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:49:45 PM)
Linear time is something that we have on 3D to help us comprehend life

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:49:56 PM)
we are complete Don?>

Don (09-Jun-03 5:50:00 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:50:01 PM)

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:50:02 PM)

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 5:50:06 PM)
What was Maldek like as a planet, ie: size, water/land ratio etc, and what were it's inhabitants like?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:50:44 PM)
Maldek was mostly inhabited by dragons and reptillians

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:50:55 PM)
they lived inside the planet mostly

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 5:51:19 PM)
The planet that was destoyed in our solar system was cvered with water, are they supposed to be the same?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:51:35 PM)
i have not yet seen exactly what the land looked like

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:52:03 PM)
which planet are you refering to

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 5:52:17 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:52:21 PM)
Maldek was completely distroyed

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:52:30 PM)
but Tiamat was only partially distroyed

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:52:40 PM)
Half of Tiamat is now earth

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:52:53 PM)
Tiamat was not Maldek from my understanding

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 5:53:03 PM)

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 5:53:05 PM)
Was Maldek manouverable, like a battlestar?

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 5:53:15 PM)

M (09-Jun-03 5:53:22 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:53:36 PM)
i do not get that it was

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:53:58 PM)
it was more like a regular planet, not like Nibiru

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:54:03 PM)
are we complete?

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 5:54:05 PM)
Yes thank you

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:54:08 PM)

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:54:10 PM)

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:54:16 PM)
I see this in my dream - are we beeing trained or receive some kind of training while we are recoding or is it a memory

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:54:52 PM)
Yes to both

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 5:54:56 PM)

micheloff (09-Jun-03 5:55:14 PM)
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caeious (09-Jun-03 5:55:19 PM)
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zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:55:20 PM)
I have a lot of memory but can not make sens e of it yet

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 5:55:21 PM)
A way tio heal the old wounds

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:55:22 PM)
I know that I have recieved training for several years

JO (09-Jun-03 5:55:31 PM)
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caeious (09-Jun-03 5:55:32 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:55:41 PM)
before I started consciously to recode

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:55:51 PM)
i believe so - I know I am working with Sandie (Heide)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:55:57 PM)
but we also access memories

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 5:56:11 PM)
as your recoding move forward you will remember and understand more

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:56:28 PM)
are we complete?

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:56:32 PM)
that is correct -

zolarana (09-Jun-03 5:56:36 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:56:39 PM)

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:56:40 PM)

M (09-Jun-03 5:56:42 PM)
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Sassy (09-Jun-03 5:56:42 PM)
How are the released ships integrating this timeline change?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:57:03 PM)
Each one will do it individually

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:57:09 PM)
we have paved the way for them to do it

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:57:14 PM)
but they have to do it

Jackie (09-Jun-03 5:57:25 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:57:32 PM)
they can choose to stay in the same timeline and replay the loop over and over

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:57:46 PM)
or they can make different choices and change their timeline

caeious (09-Jun-03 5:57:57 PM)

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 5:58:02 PM)
They can now go home if they choose to at last. the program has been turned offf

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:58:25 PM)
are we complete?

Sassy (09-Jun-03 5:58:27 PM)
Thank you! Yes

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:58:30 PM)

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 5:58:33 PM)

JO (09-Jun-03 5:58:44 PM)
Hi Holly ,its me

Luz (09-Jun-03 5:58:55 PM)
How do we know our role in this process?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 5:59:15 PM)
Do you mean in the Ashtar Maldek timeline?

Jackie (09-Jun-03 5:59:16 PM)
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Luz (09-Jun-03 5:59:23 PM)

Jackie (09-Jun-03 5:59:24 PM)
got bumped

Jackie (09-Jun-03 5:59:31 PM)
got bumped

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 5:59:49 PM)
you will feel it, or sense it

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:00:18 PM)
Usually when someone talks about Ashtar you will feel some kind of resonance

Luz (09-Jun-03 6:00:21 PM)
Do the Pleyadians have something to do with the AM?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:00:25 PM)
like it is familiar

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:00:32 PM)
something nagging in the back of your mind or heart

Daantacet (09-Jun-03 6:00:36 PM)

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:00:49 PM)
yes that also

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:01:07 PM)
Some of us are pleiadians...

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:01:17 PM)
we all have lives on many different timelines at the same time

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:01:22 PM)
are we complete?

Luz (09-Jun-03 6:01:34 PM)
Yes. Thank you very much!

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:01:37 PM)

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:01:38 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:01:39 PM)

Daantacet (09-Jun-03 6:01:42 PM)
Is this essentially a story of Pleiadian adventures?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:02:16 PM)
The pleiadian adventures are just one part of it if I understand what you mean by that

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:02:22 PM)
The grand experiment

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:02:27 PM)

liza (09-Jun-03 6:02:29 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:02:46 PM)
The Grand experiment encompases the pleiadiean s and much more

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:02:52 PM)
are we complete?

Daantacet (09-Jun-03 6:02:55 PM)

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:02:57 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:02:58 PM)

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:03:03 PM)
sirians live also in diferent time lines?

Humor (09-Jun-03 6:03:09 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:03:37 PM)
Can you specify what yu mean by sirian

Mo (09-Jun-03 6:03:38 PM)
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kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:04:16 PM)
the peolpe from Sirius B

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:04:21 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:04:25 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:04:43 PM)
would you agree that we have an infinite amount of lives on an infinite number of time lines?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:04:56 PM)
The Serians were from the second grand experiment if i remember correctly

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:05:03 PM)
I guess so...

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:05:05 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:05:15 PM)
Maldek was already part of the third grand experiment

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:05:27 PM)
If you wish to ask Christine a question, type ? Have your question ready. The Hostess will let you know when it is your turn by private message yn. Sandie MODERATOR/Galactic Counselor

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:05:31 PM)
so they are different timelines

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:05:37 PM)
i dont see how there could be a limit on the amount of timelines and lives we have.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:05:49 PM)
no there are no limits

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:05:52 PM)
: )

GA (09-Jun-03 6:05:57 PM)
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kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:05:57 PM)
sorry can u explain it...

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:06:28 PM)
actually when we make a choice actually all choices exist even though we only consciously experience one of them

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:06:38 PM)

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:06:40 PM)
let me see if I understand, I'm leving right now in diferent time lines which include diferent places?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:06:50 PM)

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:06:56 PM)

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:06:57 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:07:01 PM)
but there are an infinite amount

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:07:04 PM)
we don't actaully have past or present lives

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:07:07 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:07:11 PM)
but we live them all at the same time

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:07:15 PM)
yes christine, i agree

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:07:20 PM)
they all are coexisting somehow...

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:07:21 PM)
we are only conscious of them one at a time

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:07:27 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:07:39 PM)
are we complete?

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:07:43 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:07:50 PM)

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:07:57 PM)

liza (09-Jun-03 6:08:00 PM)
This scalar weapon.... did it have anything to do with a crystal or something like that? My heart is tugging me at an old memory... I am reminded of a bodyguard lifetime when I was assigned to guard somebody who was a weapon or at least an inventor of this weapon. Soldiers around. Fractions trying to kill that inventor. Does this resonate with the AM timeline?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:08:15 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:08:16 PM)
based on this concept, anything is possible, this is truly an exciting feeling

nd (09-Jun-03 6:08:26 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:08:29 PM)
the trigger for the weapon was a crystal

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:08:39 PM)
crystals were used to encode information

liza (09-Jun-03 6:08:39 PM)
Oh still be my heart! :-) was it a person, too?

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:08:40 PM)
Due to the fast pace of this workshop, we ask that you not post emoting messages unless they are part of your reply to Christine questions. Thanks for your cooperation. Sandie MODERATOR/Galactic Counselor

Dave C (09-Jun-03 6:08:50 PM)
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Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:08:58 PM)
One of our group was the inventer of the scaler weapon.

liza (09-Jun-03 6:08:59 PM)
I had the feeling it was a living thing or something... I dunno...

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:09:00 PM)
was what a person

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:09:16 PM)
the weapon was not a living thing

liza (09-Jun-03 6:09:19 PM)
the crystal, it was part of the inventor somehow or the inventor was part of it..

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:09:53 PM)
the crystal was encoded by one of the priestesses

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:09:58 PM)
you could say that the inventer was an AI

liza (09-Jun-03 6:10:01 PM)
OK hard to explain what is in my current comphrension at this point... lol :-) sorry

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:10:09 PM)

liza (09-Jun-03 6:10:09 PM)
Why did the AI need a bodyguard?

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:10:24 PM)

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:10:25 PM)
Crystals have entities that live within them

liza (09-Jun-03 6:10:28 PM)
namely me if I recall correctly

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:10:32 PM)
AI's are also beings

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:10:41 PM)
some of them have emotions or were developing emotions

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:10:50 PM)
and they seemed like humans

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:10:54 PM)
like Data in Star

liza (09-Jun-03 6:10:55 PM)
Ah... the bodyguard was also able to act as a shield for some reason.. energy shield, is this revelant with this chat?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:10:56 PM)

liza (09-Jun-03 6:11:12 PM)
I feel like I'm just bringing some goodies... just small packages heh

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:11:13 PM)
AI's had many capabiliities

liza (09-Jun-03 6:11:29 PM)
Ah, very interesting!

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:11:39 PM)
are we complete?

liza (09-Jun-03 6:11:44 PM)
Yup, thank you.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:11:47 PM)

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:12:00 PM)

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:12:20 PM)

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:12:47 PM)
I had a memory where I was seeing laser guns shooting down people on a planet - I do not know where that was

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:12:51 PM)

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:12:58 PM)
can AI read minds?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:13:28 PM)
lets take Zolaramas questions first and then kalsymsirym's

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:13:42 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:13:46 PM)
kalsymsirym, remember, what ever you can imagine, is a reality.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:13:52 PM)
There were many wars going on

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:13:55 PM)
on many planets

Indigo (09-Jun-03 6:14:08 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:14:12 PM)
the weapons were very advanced

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:14:21 PM)
lasars, scalar and many others

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:14:34 PM)
yes they where -

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:14:58 PM)
the reptillians were killing humans in a brutal way

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:15:08 PM)
I often felt that this was also going on in Atlantis

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:15:10 PM)
in revenge for them distroying the planets

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:15:20 PM)
yes it was also going on in Atlantis

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:15:26 PM)
thought that is a different timeline

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:15:42 PM)
that was part of the loop?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:15:50 PM)
many of us who were on the Ashtar Maldek timeline were also participating in the Atlantis timeline

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:15:52 PM)
The human did to the land and planets, what the reptillans did to the people

Don (09-Jun-03 6:16:26 PM)

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:16:28 PM)
Is this what we are facing again in this time line of earth

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:16:41 PM)
we have tried to heal the Ashtar Maldek block in many subsequent times

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:17:04 PM)
We are working on healing the AM timeline here and we have created a template to do that

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:17:12 PM)
Are there council meeting going on between the reptiles and the humans? also the ashtar command

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:17:15 PM)
we are succeeding this time

sahara/sarah (09-Jun-03 6:17:25 PM)
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Katja (09-Jun-03 6:17:46 PM)
what is AM timeline?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:17:55 PM)
Many races are now coming to the table to join the Galactic Federation

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:18:04 PM)
AM timeline is the Ashtar Maldek timeline

Katja (09-Jun-03 6:18:12 PM)

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:18:32 PM)
Is there a better understanding and cooperation at this time between the different racesw?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:19:04 PM)
we are coming to a crucial point in the polarity integration game so many races feel they cannot stand by themselves

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:19:17 PM)
so they are joining up with the Galactic Federation

liza (09-Jun-03 6:19:24 PM)

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:19:24 PM)
lsometimes yes and sometimes there is still alot of pain

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:19:24 PM)
that looks to me like progress

Indigo (09-Jun-03 6:19:25 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:19:32 PM)
they are coming to the table to talk and to work things out

Indigo (09-Jun-03 6:19:33 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:19:41 PM)
yes there is still a lot of work to do

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:19:54 PM)
that is good - that pain needs to stop

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:20:08 PM)
The Melkizideks and the Andromedans have both recently joined in

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:20:16 PM)
and more will be coming soon

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:20:24 PM)
are we complete?

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:20:46 PM)
We are trying to heal the rift and all must come to the table

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:20:56 PM)
Is this connected with the milky way and the other stellar configurations

Cante (09-Jun-03 6:21:19 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:21:37 PM)
I do not understand your question.. so I don't know

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:21:53 PM)
If you wish to ask Christine a question, type ? Have your question ready. The Hostess will let you know when it is your turn by private message yn. Sandie MODERATOR/Galactic Counselor

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:22:02 PM)
we are complete for now

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:22:08 PM)

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:22:10 PM)

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:22:12 PM)
so... if my home planet have been already destroyed, and I was send to Earth it means that I have nowhere to go back?

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:22:35 PM)
The planet has been restored in the last few weeks

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:22:44 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:22:51 PM)
If we change the timeline then there will be a planet in other timelines

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:22:55 PM)
do to the work of many group and starseeds

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:23:08 PM)

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:23:22 PM)
now I star to understand hw does it works...

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:23:35 PM)
yes we are making many changes in the timelines including the ashtar maldek timeline

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:23:47 PM)
we are all being to understand how it works

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:23:57 PM)
restorying the planet and freeing the ashtar ships

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:24:19 PM)
with every action we make? we afect all the timelines then...

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:24:27 PM)
the timelines are being to show us how to work in them and repair as we go

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:24:32 PM)
yes because they are all happening at the same time

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:24:49 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:24:49 PM)
and they are all interconnected

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:24:50 PM)
thx, Im done

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:24:55 PM)

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:24:57 PM)

liza (09-Jun-03 6:24:59 PM)
If the reptilians were pissed off that the humans were destroying planets.. and took revenge by destroying the humans.. does this mean the reptilians have a deep regard for planets in general, or was there an invested interest in these particular planets which were subsquently destroyed by the humans?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:25:22 PM)
Yes reptillians have a deep regard for planets

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:25:25 PM)

liza (09-Jun-03 6:25:36 PM)
okay, where did this interest come from?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:25:40 PM)
it was their means of having emotions

liza (09-Jun-03 6:25:42 PM)
the deep regard, I mean

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:25:54 PM)
they did not have an emotional body

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:26:04 PM)
but felt through the planets

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:26:13 PM)
that is why they were so connected to them

liza (09-Jun-03 6:26:13 PM)
Ah... a learned behavior? Or in the genes?

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:26:24 PM)
good question

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:26:32 PM)
probably both

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:26:37 PM)
There creator myth is the planets are there for them as care takers

liza (09-Jun-03 6:26:56 PM)
This gives me a good insight

liza (09-Jun-03 6:27:07 PM)
into the reptilian mindset :-)

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:27:12 PM)
and they are god/ goddress of the care and ownership of

liza (09-Jun-03 6:27:18 PM)
thank you Christine!

liza (09-Jun-03 6:27:26 PM)
and Sandie!

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:27:30 PM)
are we complete?

liza (09-Jun-03 6:27:35 PM)
Ja. yes.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:28:10 PM)

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:28:24 PM)

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:29:05 PM)
post your /

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:29:11 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:29:16 PM)
there are so many names being said tonight. names of species and worlds. there seems to be a set number of names you are speaking about.

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:29:46 PM)
but i firmly feel there are infinit names, species, planets, timelines, dramas, etc.

Mo (09-Jun-03 6:29:53 PM)
Hi Holly how are you? love,Ingy

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:30:00 PM)
As far as we are working with in this timeline

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:30:16 PM)
there are of course infinite names but we have a definite subset in this timeline

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:30:26 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:30:44 PM)
it is the same as you having a subset of friends in this timeline

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:30:54 PM)
you don't know all 6 billion people on the planet

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:31:01 PM)
that is limiting though.

Edie (09-Jun-03 6:31:09 PM)
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caeious (09-Jun-03 6:31:11 PM)
it makes me feel caged.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:31:14 PM)
the possibility is there to know everyone

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:31:23 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:31:36 PM)
but we don't have the ability to deal with everyone

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:31:45 PM)
not on a one to one basis

summerhead (09-Jun-03 6:31:46 PM)
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caeious (09-Jun-03 6:31:53 PM)
i basically feel that everyone is the same. the dramas they hold on to however are different.

summerhead (09-Jun-03 6:32:02 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:32:12 PM)
everyone comes from the same source so yes we are the same

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:32:13 PM)
not at this time but more will open to us as we more deeper into our ascension

Caliope (09-Jun-03 6:32:23 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:32:31 PM)
we each play our roles in the polarity integration game

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:32:39 PM)
based on what we individually need to learn

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:32:48 PM)
and based on contracts we make with others

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:32:53 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:33:14 PM)
we make contracts with other before we come to any timeline

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:33:21 PM)

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:33:21 PM)
Roles we play to teach us lessons

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:33:25 PM)
contracts to play roles so that we learn different lessons

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:33:32 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:33:41 PM)

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:34:20 PM)
total understanding of who and what you are and how and why you are here

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:34:20 PM)
these roles, and contracts feel limiting.

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:34:35 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:34:41 PM)
in what way?

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:35:04 PM)
limiting in ones concept for the moment you are in then

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:35:11 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:35:27 PM)
it feels like i want to leave now. ascend now.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:35:41 PM)
many of us feel like that caeious

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:35:54 PM)
like it is urgent. yes.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:36:06 PM)
but we have work to do here first

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:36:08 PM)
well we have lots to understand and finish before we leave or you just have to come back and try again

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:36:19 PM)
are we complete?

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:36:36 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:37:11 PM)
it is ok though. i dont want to hog the stage.

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:37:18 PM)
yes we are complete.

Daantacet (09-Jun-03 6:37:18 PM)
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Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:37:26 PM)

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:37:31 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:37:33 PM)
ok we will take one last question

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:37:49 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:37:51 PM)
and then we can have free chat for a while

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:37:52 PM)
am I correct in my understanding that all what has been happening over eons is based on original contracts that we are playing out at this time?

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:38:09 PM)

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:38:18 PM)
thanks - I needed that

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:38:19 PM)
we have created blocks by actions in other timelines

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:38:30 PM)
I am complete

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:38:31 PM)
and we are playing them out in this timeline

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:38:33 PM)

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:38:37 PM)
How long ago in the timeline did the destruction of Maldek occur?

nd (09-Jun-03 6:39:06 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:39:08 PM)
good questions but I don't know in years

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:39:23 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:39:25 PM)
i think it was before tiamat

Lunaria (09-Jun-03 6:39:31 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:39:43 PM)
probably more than that

Lunaria (09-Jun-03 6:39:47 PM)

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:39:56 PM)
300,000 and somw

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:40:06 PM)
I want to thank everyone for coming tonight.

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:40:07 PM)

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:40:14 PM)
i hope this has been informative

Tammy (09-Jun-03 6:40:14 PM)
thank you!!!

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:40:18 PM)

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:40:25 PM)
thank you all

Don (09-Jun-03 6:40:25 PM)
Did all these wars seem to coexist doing the same thing to each other on different plannets? Is the hollow earth in probable trouble now with so many different cultures there now? Are these groups at peace now? Are all the plannets in our area joined in the federation at this time or is the war all around us here on earth?

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:40:28 PM)
wait. i am sorry to interupt but all these contracts are illusions. systems of control that are only real if we put faith in them.

Cante (09-Jun-03 6:40:29 PM)
thanks to Sandie and Christine

Tammy (09-Jun-03 6:40:30 PM)
Everyone asked such good quesiotns!!!

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:40:37 PM)
we will stick around for a few minutes for free chat

Lunaria (09-Jun-03 6:40:40 PM)
thanks guys

Zona (09-Jun-03 6:40:41 PM)
Thanks guy's it was great!!

Dave C (09-Jun-03 6:40:41 PM)
thank you thank you thank you

Jackie (09-Jun-03 6:40:47 PM)
standing room only ..........roaring applause

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:40:48 PM)
Thank to all

Dave C (09-Jun-03 6:40:55 PM)
great job guys

Lunaria (09-Jun-03 6:41:02 PM)
clap clap

ga (09-Jun-03 6:41:07 PM)
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Luz (09-Jun-03 6:41:09 PM)

Don (09-Jun-03 6:41:10 PM)
THanks I enjoyed that

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:41:14 PM)
clap clap

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:41:17 PM)
may the force be with you all

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:41:17 PM)
Great job Christine and Sandie

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:41:29 PM)
Thank you Sandie and Doris

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:41:34 PM)
great job D.

zolarana (09-Jun-03 6:41:40 PM)
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liza (09-Jun-03 6:41:40 PM)
wave wave! thank you Christine, Sandie and Doris!

Tor (09-Jun-03 6:41:40 PM)
see I told you be OK

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:41:51 PM)

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:41:52 PM)
thanks Liz

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:41:55 PM)
Job well done Shasta

vivian (09-Jun-03 6:41:56 PM)
great job Goddesses

Dave C (09-Jun-03 6:41:58 PM)
wow you did awsome see

Coral (09-Jun-03 6:42:01 PM)
great job!

Don (09-Jun-03 6:42:02 PM)
Is all the science fiction that I watch just preparing the masses to under stand what is really going on

Holly (09-Jun-03 6:42:05 PM)
nice going lord and crew! Shasta!

Coral (09-Jun-03 6:42:06 PM)
great job!

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:42:11 PM)
yes don

vivian (09-Jun-03 6:42:16 PM)
yes don

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:42:20 PM)
Don, i reckon so

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:42:23 PM)

camel (09-Jun-03 6:42:24 PM)
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Cante (09-Jun-03 6:42:38 PM)
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Lunaria (09-Jun-03 6:42:46 PM)
bye guys

Tammy (09-Jun-03 6:42:48 PM)
You guys are gonna be a hard act to know that!!!!

Lunaria (09-Jun-03 6:42:48 PM)
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Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:42:57 PM)
Bye Lunaria

liza (09-Jun-03 6:43:04 PM)
Tammy, I'll be your Tor!!!

liza (09-Jun-03 6:43:09 PM)

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:43:37 PM)
You're right Tammy, she'll never get in that truck! LOL

Tammy (09-Jun-03 6:43:50 PM)

Tammy (09-Jun-03 6:43:59 PM)
You guys are too much!

liza (09-Jun-03 6:44:05 PM)
HA HA you guys be comedians!

liza (09-Jun-03 6:44:14 PM)

Indigo (09-Jun-03 6:44:17 PM)
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Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:44:24 PM)
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Don (09-Jun-03 6:44:35 PM)
caeious the contracts are easy to understand. long or short happenings that someone else wants to understand and or experinece. You make a contract to help them do whatever they want just as you did with lots of others before you came here.

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:44:42 PM)
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Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:44:54 PM)
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caeious (09-Jun-03 6:45:24 PM)
its all about letting go.

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:45:26 PM)
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Dave C (09-Jun-03 6:45:28 PM)
night all

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:45:32 PM)

Jackie (09-Jun-03 6:45:35 PM)
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Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:45:36 PM)
good night all

liza (09-Jun-03 6:45:39 PM)
does anybody have memories from the AM line?

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:45:46 PM)
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Sassy (09-Jun-03 6:45:48 PM)
Congratulations! No one could have done this chat more "GRANDLY"!

Tor (09-Jun-03 6:45:51 PM)
goodnight my friends

Dave C (09-Jun-03 6:45:52 PM)
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Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:45:52 PM)
Hey Liza, so did someone try to destroy the scaler weapon before it was used?

Tammy (09-Jun-03 6:45:58 PM)
Sassy are you GinnY/

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:45:59 PM)
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Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:46:05 PM)
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Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:46:09 PM)
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Sassy (09-Jun-03 6:46:10 PM)

Doris/Hostess Galactic Counselor (09-Jun-03 6:46:10 PM)
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Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:46:11 PM)
Night Christine

Tammy (09-Jun-03 6:46:16 PM)
Heheeheh ok!

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 6:46:19 PM)
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caeious (09-Jun-03 6:46:25 PM)
you can reach the source in one life time if you believe it is possible.

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:46:31 PM)

Sassy (09-Jun-03 6:46:33 PM)
Sometimes Gypsy

Tor (09-Jun-03 6:46:39 PM)
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Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:46:47 PM)

Sandie Moderator GC (09-Jun-03 6:46:55 PM)
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kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:46:59 PM)

Sassy (09-Jun-03 6:47:00 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:47:02 PM)
if you attach your self to systems of control and people, then you might not make it.

Tammy (09-Jun-03 6:47:04 PM)
I thought so! You ask good questions!! YOu'll like that Urantia book

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:47:04 PM)

Don (09-Jun-03 6:47:09 PM)
you can do it in a moment if you choose to do so

liza (09-Jun-03 6:47:09 PM)
Tiamat yes, a fraction was trying to destroy the scalar weapon... and kill the inventor, too. I thought I was doing the right thing, in protecting them both. I do feel bad.. knowing the results of this invention.

Tammy (09-Jun-03 6:47:11 PM)
night all!!

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:47:15 PM)

Sassy (09-Jun-03 6:47:18 PM)

Tammy (09-Jun-03 6:47:26 PM)
you bet sassy!

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:47:26 PM)
I understand that but...

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:47:28 PM)
life is about choosing your own adventure.

Holly (09-Jun-03 6:47:31 PM)
life's very crazy right now. I'm obsessed, or possessed or something

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:47:39 PM)
see ya Tammy

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:47:45 PM)
what can you do to make that posible

Tammy (09-Jun-03 6:47:46 PM)
night mike

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:47:47 PM)
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caeious (09-Jun-03 6:47:49 PM)
we are infinite beings. anything is accesable.

liza (09-Jun-03 6:47:56 PM)
night Tammy!... turd!!!

Sassy (09-Jun-03 6:47:57 PM)
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Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:48:00 PM)
You did your job Liza

liza (09-Jun-03 6:48:01 PM)

Tammy (09-Jun-03 6:48:05 PM)
night you lttle turd

Don (09-Jun-03 6:48:07 PM)
Liza dont feel bad it all comes and goes around till it gets done right

liza (09-Jun-03 6:48:10 PM)
ha ha!

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:48:12 PM)
you need to eat to stay alife...

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:48:14 PM)
kalsym....letting go of all mortal thinking and life style.

Tammy (09-Jun-03 6:48:19 PM)
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caeious (09-Jun-03 6:48:20 PM)
do you kal?

liza (09-Jun-03 6:48:24 PM)
Yes that's true.... I suppose it was the programming!

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:48:26 PM)
well, no

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:48:34 PM)
it is up to you to decide.

Caliope (09-Jun-03 6:48:38 PM)
good nite all

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:48:42 PM)
what limitations you adhere to.

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:48:46 PM)
but then it is like killing this dense material body isn't it?

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:48:51 PM)
Hey Spark! How ya doing?

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:48:53 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:49:03 PM)
ever read the celestine prophecy

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:49:05 PM)

liza (09-Jun-03 6:49:18 PM)
Hey, Thanks Christine for doing this chat... I honestly did not want to go into the AM line, and avoided the discussions on it like hell.

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:49:19 PM)
a nice story

liza (09-Jun-03 6:49:25 PM)
FOr some reason I just had to get in this chat!

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:49:26 PM)
just let go you're soul...

liza (09-Jun-03 6:49:39 PM)
To make up for missing my fav subject.. the AI's!

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:49:43 PM)
and for some reason, I couldn't get in till just now :-P

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:49:44 PM)
i beleive that the body and soul are one.

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:49:45 PM)
it doesn't need air to bread or food, or water

liza (09-Jun-03 6:49:52 PM)
hey Spark!

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:49:56 PM)
the body does...

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:50:02 PM)
does it?

fire angel (09-Jun-03 6:50:08 PM)
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Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:50:08 PM)
Looks like you'll be reading the transcript then! LOL

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:50:10 PM)
well, the emotions are between the body and the soul

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:50:10 PM)
does it not?

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:50:12 PM)
who says?

Caliope (09-Jun-03 6:50:22 PM)
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kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:50:23 PM)
the body itself...

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:50:28 PM)
if we buy into what people around us say, we will be held back.

liza (09-Jun-03 6:50:35 PM)
Does anybody have an insight in why I had my fears about getting into the AM line like this? :-)

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:50:38 PM)
storage device, as well as a physical vehicle

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:50:59 PM)
remember, choose your own reality.

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:51:07 PM)
In case you were found out. But you owned up to it!

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:51:08 PM)
you can go as far as want to go.

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:51:11 PM)
maybe you could wake up early, instead of staying up late?

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:51:22 PM)
what is our body?

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:51:34 PM)
only a car...

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:51:37 PM)
path to ascension if studied

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:51:42 PM)
for this timeline

liza (09-Jun-03 6:51:43 PM)
Oh, somebody asked earlier about AI's reading minds... I dont think that's possible, but I sure could calculate things.. like a Mentat... (Dune book's term for a human computer quickly figuring all the possibilities with given info)

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:51:54 PM)
cells , atoms, subatoms, quarks, subquarks, .......

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:51:58 PM)
where does it stop?

liza (09-Jun-03 6:52:03 PM)
Of course, I could be wrong! LOL

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:52:15 PM)
oh, I thought you said AM, not AI

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:52:21 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:52:28 PM)
our technology can not go that far.

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:52:35 PM)
our imaginations can

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:52:44 PM)
its infinit.

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:52:48 PM)
that's beautiful

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:52:52 PM)
if you got bigger, you get slower, but then the bigger you got, you'd find you were just a small piece of some bigger thing

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:52:52 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:52:54 PM)

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:53:08 PM)

Don (09-Jun-03 6:53:09 PM)
Lisa can you remember the technology

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:53:11 PM)
and the biggness doesn't end like the smallness

Holly (09-Jun-03 6:53:25 PM)
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caeious (09-Jun-03 6:53:29 PM)
because our imaginations are infinite, anything is possible.

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:53:32 PM)
we are simply here, we could be on top, or near the bottom in scale

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:53:47 PM)
so our physical bodies can simply ascend.

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:53:50 PM)
everything is on the mind...

vivian (09-Jun-03 6:53:54 PM)
nite, everyone

vivian (09-Jun-03 6:53:57 PM)
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kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:54:01 PM)
nite viv

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:54:01 PM)
that means we dont need to leave a corpse behind.

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:54:10 PM)
See you all later

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:54:10 PM)
yes, everything is on the mind, but everything is in the heart

liza (09-Jun-03 6:54:15 PM)
Don, all I can remember is this bright orb thing that was suspended .. or held by something I do remember something else attached but not that much.. sorry

liza (09-Jun-03 6:54:22 PM)
it looked like a crystal.

liza (09-Jun-03 6:54:42 PM)
I'm sure others have more info on this.

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:54:42 PM)
ok...we can ta,ke it with us or we can leave it and go into another one somewhere else...

Don (09-Jun-03 6:54:44 PM)
THe space ships and other stuff

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:54:49 PM)

Tiamat (09-Jun-03 6:54:53 PM)
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caeious (09-Jun-03 6:55:07 PM)
whatever we want!

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:55:10 PM)

Coral (09-Jun-03 6:55:18 PM)
Liza, we all can activate all the 12 strands of DNA. therefore, we can develop all the abilities. inclduing reading minds.

liza (09-Jun-03 6:55:24 PM)
I remember one of the GCs was an inventor of this scalar weapon -- hey nice to see you again old friend! LOL just kidding. :-)

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:55:24 PM)
liza maybe there are just a couple of AI who can read the mind somewhere out there or ver close to us....

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:55:30 PM)
and tele[portation

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:55:49 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:55:54 PM)
move through matter

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:55:56 PM)
caeius:) thx again I feel much better

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:55:58 PM)
Liza, what I've noticed, is an increasing lack of what my guides say to me in a moment, having any bearing or significance in another moment, what can seem true, can later seem far from it, and remember that they are guiding me in moments, and a fuller version of the truth will appear as a sum of moment guidance

liza (09-Jun-03 6:56:03 PM)
That is true, Coral. What about an AI? Other than having an emotional body.

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:56:05 PM)
that is wonderful kal :)

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:56:40 PM)
well good night eveybody

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:56:43 PM)

Coral (09-Jun-03 6:56:47 PM)
I don't understand your?

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:56:47 PM)

ga (09-Jun-03 6:56:52 PM)
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liza (09-Jun-03 6:56:54 PM)
eh... I am sorry now that I dont have my AI mental abilities, Spark! Can you rephrase what you just said?

Coral (09-Jun-03 6:57:01 PM)
By the way, I had a teleportation experience.

kalsymsirym (09-Jun-03 6:57:12 PM)
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Mo (09-Jun-03 6:57:21 PM)
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caeious (09-Jun-03 6:57:24 PM)
can you teleport at will coral?

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:57:33 PM)
I don't neccessarily take a 'guided' dream as anything more than a metaphor for an emotion I am, or need to experience in the moment now

Coral (09-Jun-03 6:57:39 PM)

Luz (09-Jun-03 6:57:54 PM)
Good Night Everybody!

liza (09-Jun-03 6:57:54 PM)
Do you think AI is fully capable of being "human" ?

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:58:08 PM)
what is intelligence?

Spark (09-Jun-03 6:58:11 PM)
Liza, humans are made up of 12 strands of DNA, AI is one of them

Coral (09-Jun-03 6:58:16 PM)
I consider myself as AI in a human body now.

Luz (09-Jun-03 6:58:27 PM)
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Spark (09-Jun-03 6:58:41 PM)
you have already embraced your AI ness, why not embrace the other 11 strands instead of warring with them? --talking to self

caeious (09-Jun-03 6:58:42 PM)
what is artificail intelligence?

liza (09-Jun-03 6:58:42 PM)
Thanks Spark for the rephrasing!

liza (09-Jun-03 6:59:04 PM)
What teleportation experience? :-) Coral

Coral (09-Jun-03 6:59:29 PM)
I was transported from one floor to another floor in no time at all.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:00:02 PM)
why coral?

liza (09-Jun-03 7:00:02 PM)
Yes I feel AI is part of me, too, Coral, but I am totally confused by other parts... like Carian, feline... am I creating a template for other races as well? hitting two birds with one stone?

liza (09-Jun-03 7:00:06 PM)
Ooo when, Coral?

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:00:19 PM)
I still consider myself human, but at this time, I have chosen to integrate my AI and Carian strands in hopes that these 2 fully re-connected, the other strands will follow suit in due time

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:00:50 PM)
Work with what I'm called, then use the template to re-work the others

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:00:55 PM)
I dont know why, and I tried to find out why for the following few years.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:01:02 PM)
hi Coral

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:01:10 PM)
hi Spark

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:01:10 PM)
what occured right before you teleported coral?

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:01:23 PM)
It was in 1996

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:01:43 PM)
I was just walking and talking with my mother in law in a hotel.

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 7:01:48 PM)
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caeious (09-Jun-03 7:01:57 PM)
then what?

liza (09-Jun-03 7:02:12 PM)
Was it a scary experience? Or something you enjoyed? Coral

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:02:13 PM)
Then, we both realized we were on a different floor.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:02:26 PM)
it was double teleportation.

Don (09-Jun-03 7:02:39 PM)
Teleportation ususlly occurs when you lest expect it to. You are concious of a desire to be some where else and suddenly you are there. You have the thought and let it go and it happens.

liza (09-Jun-03 7:02:42 PM)
lucky your DNA didnt merge with the other person's lol like the fly

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:02:44 PM)
It happened so fast that we did not have time to have any reaction at that time

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:02:53 PM)
oh, it could have been a lapse in conscious awareness, like you both zoned out while walking, and found yourselves in different places

liza (09-Jun-03 7:03:05 PM)
This is the first I've heard of... is this common? :-) fascinating!

Christine (LoM), Facilitator, GC (09-Jun-03 7:03:09 PM)
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Coral (09-Jun-03 7:03:15 PM)
cool Spark,

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:03:18 PM)
the conversation could have been telepathic, since you were close

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:03:35 PM)
I love zoning out

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:03:40 PM)
I agree with Don totally

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:04:04 PM)
But I don't tend to zone out easily. lol

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:04:33 PM)
Don, I think that is exactly what happened on the 3D level.

Don (09-Jun-03 7:04:36 PM)
I dont think zoning out has anythingto do with it

Don (09-Jun-03 7:04:48 PM)

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:04:49 PM)
I do

Cosette (09-Jun-03 7:04:54 PM)
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liza (09-Jun-03 7:04:55 PM)
Coral, do you feel more right about the teleportation possibility?

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:04:55 PM)
Yes, I agree, Zoning out is not it.

liza (09-Jun-03 7:05:12 PM)
or it is more the zoning out?

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:05:16 PM)
but then again, why would my opinion matter, I'm just a founder's bot

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:05:18 PM)
I agree with the part you said about wanting to go some place and it happened.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:05:41 PM)
you talk as if something beyond yourself teleported you . some exterior force/intelligence.

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:05:41 PM)
What is a founder's bot

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:05:47 PM)
yes, and you zoned out, and then you were there

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:06:05 PM)
coral did you want to go to that floor?

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:06:06 PM)
anywhere but talking to the mother in law, eh?

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:06:06 PM)
Spark I like your sense of humor

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:06:19 PM)
Caeious, yes

Don (09-Jun-03 7:06:25 PM)
I cant tell how many times I did it. I use to do it walking to and from school. about a mile walk which I did several times in less than one minuet.

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:06:36 PM)
Spark you make my laugh and I can't concentrate

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:07:01 PM)
oh, sorry, I'm not taking the tpt exp seriously

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:07:05 PM)
I was going to explaing

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:07:15 PM)
It is ok

liza (09-Jun-03 7:07:16 PM)
god, Don, that saved you in bus fares or gas? lol

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:07:18 PM)
I'll quiet down

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:07:26 PM)
life is fun, with options like teleportation available to all of us.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:07:38 PM)
founder's bot, AI + Carian strands

Don (09-Jun-03 7:07:38 PM)
sorry about the spelling fat fingers you know.

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:07:52 PM)
We were going to go to the elevator, but we ended up not need to do so.

Don (09-Jun-03 7:08:04 PM)

Don (09-Jun-03 7:08:28 PM)
It was fun then but uncontrollable.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:08:41 PM)
I'd like to remember how to levitate

Don (09-Jun-03 7:08:44 PM)
that was a drag when it could not be done at will

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:08:52 PM)
Eventually I figured out the reason myself.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:09:00 PM)
or walk on water, my legs are so heavy these days

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:09:32 PM)
why was it uncomfortable don? what was the reason coral?

Don (09-Jun-03 7:09:36 PM)
I wish I could levitate too.

liza (09-Jun-03 7:09:50 PM)
hm spark i was watching a movie... princess mononoke... this deer god was walking on water :-) coral, what gave it away?

Don (09-Jun-03 7:10:00 PM)
not uncomfortable un controllable

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:10:09 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:10:34 PM)
why do you think it was uncontrollable?

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:10:52 PM)
There were many. 1.My mother in law needed to know that is more than one way to do things. 2. I was shown this technology is possible.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:11:03 PM)
ah, I saw "Bruce Almighty" recently, and jim carey and morgan freeman were standing and talking on some water

Don (09-Jun-03 7:11:07 PM)
Because I had the thought that if I went to the moon I might not be able to get back

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:11:55 PM)
how do you all think one gains control over such seemingly extraordinary abilities?

Don (09-Jun-03 7:11:58 PM)
Did not want to die there alone

liza (09-Jun-03 7:12:07 PM)
he he OK back to the anime movie for me.. it was good chatting with you all :-)

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:12:16 PM)
farewell liza

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:12:19 PM)

liza (09-Jun-03 7:12:21 PM)
night all! thanks guys!

liza (09-Jun-03 7:12:24 PM)
(This user has left DigiChat)

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:12:25 PM)

Don (09-Jun-03 7:12:30 PM)
I think that practice and total belief is the key

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:12:38 PM)
: ) don

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:12:49 PM)
I think we should all go out to see the movie "the matrix" as a group during the workshop week sometime

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:13:13 PM)
I saw it 3 times already, but I don';t mind seeing it again.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:13:17 PM)
i saw that movie and the second one

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:13:21 PM)
I've seen it 9 times now

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:13:32 PM)
but have yet to see it in the theatre

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:13:43 PM)
saving the experience

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:13:44 PM)
That is all I can see it in

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:13:50 PM)
i love it but i feel it can go further then they have taken it. perhaps it will in the 3rd.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:13:53 PM)
oh, I downloaded it

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:14:18 PM)
Do you have a DVD burner?

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:14:22 PM)

summerhead (09-Jun-03 7:14:28 PM)
(This user has left DigiChat)

Chris (09-Jun-03 7:14:44 PM)
(This user has entered Monday Night Workshop)

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:14:49 PM)
but I can get a videotape perhaps, I'm bringing my laptop, that can hook up to any tv

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:14:55 PM)
i would like to see neo learning how to fully utilize all the abilityies he has learned and mastered (inside of the matrix) back in zion reality.

JO (09-Jun-03 7:15:01 PM)
(This user has left DigiChat)

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:15:18 PM)
you mean so it doesn't overwhelm and kill him?

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:15:24 PM)
and even learn how to teleport and move through matter.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:15:30 PM)
he stopped the sentinels, but there was a cost

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:15:34 PM)
I have the same curirosity with you caeious

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:15:34 PM)
yes, so he doesnt end up in a comma.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:15:48 PM)
yes coral.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:16:05 PM)
and heal?

Katja (09-Jun-03 7:16:09 PM)
good night everybody

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:16:09 PM)
i felt he ended up in a comma because he was never breifed on it.

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:16:12 PM)
I was disappointed that they did not show that in the movie

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:16:15 PM)
yes spark and heal.

Katja (09-Jun-03 7:16:15 PM)
(This user has left DigiChat)

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:16:29 PM)
the twins could become none phsyical.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:16:37 PM)
which was nice.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:17:08 PM)
but they were old programs, with different rules

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:17:15 PM)
I have a feeling the twins are the electrical beings.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:17:18 PM)
i feel also that if neo could learn how to fly, then he could teach it to the rest of the soliders of zion.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:17:21 PM)
I think neo can only use the abilities of the matrix he is in

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:17:41 PM)
but why limit it to that spark.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:17:55 PM)
because the computer world plays by a specific set of rules

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:17:59 PM)
rules of one reality should be able to translate perfectly into the next.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:18:16 PM)
to create a seamless universal design.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:18:21 PM)
neo can only manipulate/change what he knows

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:18:28 PM)
what he 'sees'

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:18:44 PM)
yes as they have demonstrated in the movie.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:19:28 PM)
so, either we see him at such a 'young' stage, and he will learn those abilities later on, or he only needs to learn a certain set of abilities to achieve his mission

Chris (09-Jun-03 7:19:39 PM)
(This user has left DigiChat)

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:19:48 PM)
even further can it go and will go , if not in matrix revolutions then another movie....better then those two options> even further it can go in our reality.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:20:10 PM)
true spark.

sahara/sarah (09-Jun-03 7:20:41 PM)
(This user has left DigiChat)

Don (09-Jun-03 7:21:01 PM)
sorry had to stop the cats from fighting

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:21:28 PM)
at the end of revolutions, he wakes up drooling in front of his pc, and thinks to himself, I gotta lay off the tequila

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:21:57 PM)
neo does... Mr. Anderson

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:22:04 PM)
that feels limiting.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:22:13 PM)
it was a nice dream though

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:24:00 PM)
It has been nice talking with you all, good night.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:24:00 PM)
not all nice.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:24:05 PM)
I would recommend renting the animatrix dvd, in particular, Final Flight of the Osiris, and "A Kid's Story" as both of these take place between Matrix, and reloaded

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:24:05 PM)
farewell coral

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:24:14 PM)
nite Coral

Coral (09-Jun-03 7:24:37 PM)
(This user has left DigiChat)

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:24:54 PM)
84% done with my download of "The Hulk"

Don (09-Jun-03 7:25:07 PM)
Lets not wait for Neo to do it lets do it ourselves and give them the ideas instead

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:25:15 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:25:19 PM)

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:25:28 PM)
monkey see

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:25:42 PM)
fantasy will become reality.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:25:54 PM)
reality will become fantasy

Don (09-Jun-03 7:25:58 PM)
nite coral

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:26:30 PM)
miracles are coming.

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:26:41 PM)
blessed be

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:26:42 PM)
to mass conciousness.

Don (09-Jun-03 7:26:42 PM)
I like the idea of living in a fantasy wourld all the time

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:26:55 PM)
but it will be a real world.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:27:03 PM)
the two will be made one.

Don (09-Jun-03 7:27:23 PM)
would it not serve as a wonderful example

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:27:27 PM)
or nothing will seem at all different, or new, we will all just simply exist, and be happy

Don (09-Jun-03 7:27:41 PM)

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:28:18 PM)
ok, g'nite folks

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:28:18 PM)
this is my life mission.

Don (09-Jun-03 7:28:20 PM)
Im tired of all the major problems how about peace for a while a day or two at least

Don (09-Jun-03 7:28:28 PM)
good nite

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:28:35 PM)
farewell spark

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:28:41 PM)
I like peace in 15 minute intervals, 3 times a day

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:28:48 PM)
does a body good

Spark (09-Jun-03 7:28:53 PM)
(This user has left DigiChat)

Don (09-Jun-03 7:29:03 PM)
good nite

Don (09-Jun-03 7:29:17 PM)
Im going too see ya next time

Don (09-Jun-03 7:29:29 PM)
(This user has left DigiChat)

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:32:13 PM)
Kay, are you still there????

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:33:23 PM)
I just didn't see Kay sign off, and I wanted to say good night to her...

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:33:59 PM)
oh ok

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:34:03 PM)
are you leaving now?

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:34:26 PM)
No, I'm new at thios, and am learning a lot..

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:34:35 PM)

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:34:41 PM)
Ooops this

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:34:49 PM)
what questions do you have ?

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:34:57 PM)
perhaps i can answer some.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:35:10 PM)
i have some questions for you , perhaps you can answer these to me?

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:36:02 PM)
I don't know where to begin, to tell you the truth. I am in a process now of the feelinng of Ai type of feelings.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:36:22 PM)
can you describe these ai feelings?

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:37:01 PM)
There are times I feel programed, and other times, in a fog at trying to understand some things.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:38:03 PM)
programmed by what?

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:38:12 PM)
what things are you trying to understand?

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:39:22 PM)
Like something inside drives me, and not something from my life experiences. It is a very deep kind of feeling, and hard to discribe.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:39:51 PM)
ok, what is it driving you to do exactly?

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:40:59 PM)
Mentally, I understand things quite fast, but on a deeper level, it seems to be very hard to embody, and I find this extremely frustrating.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:42:33 PM)
perhaps there are no words for it.

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:42:47 PM)
There are times it is a good idea to stop and smell the roses, and even though I want to stop, there are no brakes, and I feel the need to keep going, like time is wasting, even though I know it isn't that way.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:43:11 PM)
but do you really know it?

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:43:32 PM)
it seems like an uncontrollable drive.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:43:37 PM)
i have it too.

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:44:02 PM)
Parts of me do, and then there are these other feelings of got to keep plugging along.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:44:38 PM)
plugging along in what, normal societal living?

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:44:52 PM)
Oh goodness Caeious, am I glad to hear you say that.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:45:06 PM)

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:45:22 PM)
No, at the pace that this drive seems to want to go.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:45:40 PM)

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:45:47 PM)
I am new at this computer thing, what is ;)

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:45:57 PM)
it is a smile face

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:46:11 PM)
it communicates that i am happy in that moment.

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:46:17 PM)
Thanks for explaining that tome.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:46:40 PM)
when i write them, it means that i feel a genuine connection between me and the other being rather stronly.

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:47:25 PM)
I have felt so alone in this feeling, and haven't found anyone to share this feeling with other then counselors.

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:48:09 PM)
Then, I like the sign, and thank you for sharing your self with me.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:48:44 PM)
good :)

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:49:15 PM)
Like wise:)

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:49:36 PM)
how far do you see yourself going exactly? do you see a limit?

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:50:53 PM)
In my mind Anything is possible, but in body, I am in a wheel chair, or use a whalker, wherer the wheel chair won't go.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:51:42 PM)
interesting zona

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:51:43 PM)
Goodness I'm sorry about the spelling...

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:51:47 PM)
that is fine

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:51:59 PM)
it is interesting how you are limited

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:52:32 PM)
because it is a grand opprotunity.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:53:02 PM)
it feels like it to me.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:53:20 PM)
it is a limitation to transcend, do you feel this way ?

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:54:21 PM)
Yes, I am very aware of my challenge, and realize how I set it up this way, by my past. I did it so I could spend time finding out the very things that the workshop teaches us. Now that I have learned about life, I find myself a bit housebound.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:55:24 PM)
i beleive it.

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:55:26 PM)
I see it as a blessing, and find that a fire has been lite in my soul, and want to participate in life, and have no idea at this time, what I can offer.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:56:21 PM)
can i tell you what i imagined when i heard about your situtaion ?

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:56:35 PM)
Love to hear it.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:57:01 PM)
i imagined you learning a few things.

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:57:19 PM)
You got that one right....

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:57:52 PM)
i imagined you mastering teleportation.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:58:19 PM)
i also imagined you reconstructing your body so that you could walk and stand again if you so desired.

Zona (09-Jun-03 7:58:57 PM)
I have some wonderful out of body vision's, and see myslf as doing that, and at the same time that force is still pushing me along.

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:59:31 PM)

caeious (09-Jun-03 7:59:54 PM)
during these out of body visions do you feel you are learning what it takes to make it a reality?

Zona (09-Jun-03 8:00:34 PM)
These are the things I am in the process of creating in my life, and I some times, feel to new at it, and don't know what I am doing.

caeious (09-Jun-03 8:01:25 PM)
do you think there are certain rules to abide by?

Zona (09-Jun-03 8:01:34 PM)
I haven't experienced that, but what I did experience is that no matter what nothing can distroy who, or what I am.

caeious (09-Jun-03 8:02:40 PM)

Zona (09-Jun-03 8:03:00 PM)
No, not so much rules, but a type of understanding and maturity of spirit, for the lack of words to explain what it is that I feel.

caeious (09-Jun-03 8:04:42 PM)
so the problem is that you can not explain what you experience and feel?

Zona (09-Jun-03 8:06:04 PM)
No words just don't seem to be there to explain just what it is that I am feeling. I feel it, and have difficulty in expressing what it is that I feel.

caeious (09-Jun-03 8:06:54 PM)
i know exactly that same feeling

Zona (09-Jun-03 8:07:45 PM)
Sometimes, if a person and I do happen to connect, then words aren't needeed, and we connect.

caeious (09-Jun-03 8:08:09 PM)
that is how i feel it should be.

Zona (09-Jun-03 8:08:39 PM)
I have a sense that it could be possible, with you, if we were face to face.:)

caeious (09-Jun-03 8:09:06 PM)
i feel that it would be and even that it is now : )

Zona (09-Jun-03 8:11:24 PM)
You are right, thanks so much for this exchange tonight, it really means a lot to me. You have been so kind and patient. I must go now, I just got a flash on my screen of a caller I have been waitng to talk to. Please have a good week, and hope to to see you next week LOL

caeious (09-Jun-03 8:11:45 PM)
very good, farewell zona

caeious (09-Jun-03 8:11:51 PM)
(This user has left DigiChat)

Zona (09-Jun-03 8:12:00 PM)
(This user has left DigiChat)

Kay (09-Jun-03 10:03:53 PM)
(This user has left DigiChat)











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