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Pearl Chat

Topics: Healing, Keys, Ashtar

Chat workshop from April 26, 2004

Facilitator: Christine Salazar




Apr 26, 2004 5:58:52 PM - Pearls


:Christine > Hello Ed

 Edward >  hello christine

 Edward >  how are you tonight

:Christine > doing well thanks and you?

 Edward >  good to hear, and I'm doing ok. Just have a pain in my neck. Feels like I've been stuck near the base of my upper spinal cord

 Edward >  in my neck area

:Christine > that is not a fun place to have pain

 Edward >  Yeah I don't know where it's came from bit it really feels like I was poked there

 Edward >  a very minute pin point s malller than pinpoint mark that has form a very small scab

 Edward >  Its not a scab but its just blood dried up

 Edward >  so I dont know what else to call it

:Christine > interesting

 Edward >  smaller than a pimple whould feel afte its been picked

 Edward >  its very smally but the location is curious

 Edward >  I have had this pain for the past few days

 Edward >  I don't know if it has any correlation to what I asked for ....just recently

:Christine > what did you ask for?

 Edward >  I asked for my healers to help my physical and light body in the recoding process and to remove all i mplants that are pertianent to be removed so that I can start my ascension and perperation

 Edward >  preperation

:Christine > than that is probably what that is

 Edward >  I'm thinknig too but I had a weird dream that was real enough but it seemed hazy because there its hard to describe it. Only terms I can relate it to is being drugged up. so to speak.

:Christine > that is a distinct possibility

 Edward >  all I remember is that I was paralyazed so some extend and I think I was in great pain or I was fighting so mething and my hands were clenched very tightly and after that I asked if they were of the light

 Edward >  and I saw their face change before my eyes kinda like a x-ray change flashover and it was really quick

 Edward >  and thats all I remember. Next thing I know it I was in another dream after that

:Christine > that is pretty intense

 Edward >  it was very cloudy and hard to really put it all together but all I know is that I have had needles of all sorts go into me in differnt parts of my body here on earth because of my medical condition and this pain certainly feels like a needle or something went into the back of my neck. The pain is very similar

:Christine > implants were often put in the back of the neck

=> christy Has Joined The Room

:Christine > hello christy

:Christine > how are you this evening

 christy >  hi christine! and hi ed! i missed you guys last week;)

 christy >  i'm pretty good--how are you guys?

=> Lunaria Has Joined The Room

:Christine > yes I noticed you were not here

:Christine > hello Lunaria

 Lunaria >  Hi all

:Christine > I am doing well thanks

 christy >  hi lunaria--good christine;)

:Christine > how are you Lunaria?

 Lunaria >  good

 Lunaria >  Forgot it was Monday

 Edward >  hello lunaria and chirsty sorry I was gettting some dinner

:Christine > you didn't miss it entirely.. there is still some of it left

 Lunaria >  hi Ed

:Christine > I just took my blackberry pie out of the oven

:Christine > we can have it for dessert

 christy >  yummmmmmm!

 Lunaria >  yum

:Christine > I have to use up the frozen blackberries from last year before I go out and pick the new ones

 christy >  how magical, christine, you lucky girl that you have blackberries to pick

:Christine > I picked gallons of them and made jam and froze for pies

:Christine > and the birds got twice as many

 christy >  lucky!

:Christine > they are considered weeds here

 christy >  wow--i LOVE berries--

 Edward >  the birds or the blackberries?

:Christine > the blackberries... lol

 Edward >  ok

 Edward >  hehe

:Christine > there are three kinds... lage leaf, small leaf and kind of a cut out leaf

:Christine > those aren't the official names though

:Christine > anyway...

 Edward >  ok

:Christine > we were talking a little about recoding and galactic history

:Christine > did you want to continue with that Ed?

 Edward >  sure

:Christine > or does someone have another topic to discuss

 Lunaria >  not yet

 Edward >  I mean that was it basically to the issue o f the pain in my neck and wondering where it came from

 Edward >  It came pretty quickly after I asked my healers to help me out as I said before

:Christine > sometimes in the other grand experiments we put divices into people

 Lunaria >  the Galactics are working on us and it is causing pain

:Christine > and part of the decoding is to take them out

:Christine > they are not there physically

 Lunaria >  oh implants you mean

:Christine > but they are there in the light body

 Edward >  yeah

 Edward >  I asked for my healers to help with my physical body and light body

 Lunaria >  but we still feel them in the physical

:Christine > yes

 Edward >  to help me in my ascension and recoding process at this time

:Christine > I have taken several divices out for people

:Christine > or helped remove them

 christy >  it can be hard (in the past) to know when pain is from something like that or something that we can fix--

 Lunaria >  I have had implants removed too

:Christine > some were in the back of the neck and several people had a band around their head

:Christine > what kind of implants did you have removed Lunaria?

 christy >  what was it like, lunaria & christine, to have your implants removed--was it during the 'dream' state?

 Lunaria >  and lattice work around their body

 Lunaria >  I had mine removed during a hands on healing

 Edward >  christine is thinking I may have had an implant removed recently due to the type of pain and the dream I had recently

 Lunaria >  it is an on going thing

:Christine > they can be removed in hands on healing or in the dream state

:Christine > I have removed them from people in hands on healing

 Lunaria >  I sometimes ask to be taken to the healing temple

:Christine > though mostly I do almost-hands on healing since I do it about an inch from the body

 Lunaria >  it is not on this planet

 christy >  wow--how cool! do you have vivid memories of all that was going on and of the beings that were healing you?

 Lunaria >  yes because they are in the etheric body

:Christine > there are places on this planet as well as on ships and other planets where this is done

 Lunaria >  I have a memory of going by suttle craft

 Lunaria >  shuttle

 Edward >  I've been trying to hands on heal myself with various blisters and cuts I had from last week.

 christy >  i love that, you guys--can you tell us more about the healing temple lunaria?

 Edward >  I am not sure if I am doing it right but I am doing what I can

 christy >  are you seeing results, edward?

 Edward >  yeah maybe an i ncrease in the healing process a little bit

 Edward >  I mean healing slightly faster...nothing 'eye poping'

 christy >  christine...have you ever gone to the healing temple?

 Edward >  you know like where I'm healing over night

 Lunaria >  It is a place off planet. I don't recall what it is like. Just going there.

 christy >  that's cool ed--inspiring!

:Christine > I do it all in the present

:Christine > right where I am

 christy >  you don't go anywhere?

:Christine > no

:Christine > mostly I have healed others

 Edward >  I mean its nothing overnight is what I am trying to say but my metabolic rate for healing is slightly fater

:Christine > but once had some divices taken out of me

 Lunaria >  me too , but healing ones self is hard

:Christine > but I was one who put them in people in the other grand experiements

:Christine > and that is why I can take them out witihout going anywhere

 Lunaria >  yes that was my experience

 christy >  wow

 Lunaria >  I removed from others what I put in

 christy >  can you take them out if the person is not with you?

:Christine > I would expect so

 Lunaria >  I have not tried that

 christy >  hmmm...

:Christine > I can do healing at a distance

:Christine > or other kinds of healing

 Lunaria >  I do distance healing also

 christy >  i would love to know if i had some that need to be taken out (i probably have a LOT)!

:Christine > do you do Reiki lunaria?

 Lunaria >  some come out by themselves when they are ready to

 Lunaria >  yes I am Reiki Master

:Christine > cool

 christy >  i have vivid memories of being worked on (especially the feelings that accompanied it), but i'm unaware in the past, of specifics like whether or not i am getting implants removed, etc.

 christy >  how cool lunaria!

:Christine > I am not officially one but I am a powerful healer with my hands

 christy >  very cool, christine--

 Lunaria >  but you are a galactic healer christine

:Christine > yes

 christy >  and an amazing teacher!

:Christine > thank you

 Lunaria >  yes

 Edward >  yes sir ree

:Christine > it is wonderful work to be able to do

 Lunaria >  yes

 Lunaria >  I don't know what is in my blue print..I just go with the flow

 christy >  it might be fun to know what two original dna strands we all had activated--what do you guys think?

:Christine > that is probably in your  blueprint to go with the flow

 Lunaria >  I am Feline

 christy >  me too--

 Lunaria >  yes LOL

 christy >  ;)

:Christine > I am carian

 Lunaria >  I do not know what my other strand is

 christy >  how cool--

 Edward >  I'm still finding out

:Christine > or sometimes in some lives dragon

 christy >  does that mean reptilian christine?

 Edward >  searching for my truth but all they are , are just labels and if they dont me well to have them then I guess I wont know at this stage

:Christine > carian is the parent race for the reptillians

 Lunaria >  I found out I was feline all by myself

 Edward >  if they dont suit me well to have them that is

 Lunaria >  Feline is the parent race for the humans

 christy >  i just knew when i read the descriptions and got confirmation--yeah, ed, you'll just know when you need to

 christy >  my other one is crystalline--

 christy >  do you know your other one christine?

:Christine > the one that is atomic particles

 christy >  is that one of the twelve?

 Edward >  I'm thinking I am reptillian, insectillian/arachnid, and mabye A.I

 christy >  cool, ed...

 christy >  it's fun for all of us to come together like this (insects, reptiles, cats, birds, dragons) LOL;)

 Edward >  yeah but in essence we are all just souls from the same source playing out roles for each other and having our souljourney to become more enlighten

 Edward >  enlightened

=> Lunaria Has Joined The Room

 Edward >  wb Lunaria

 Lunaria >  got disconnected

:Christine > wb Lunaria

 Lunaria >  That has never happened before

 Lunaria >  someone doesn't want me speaking

:Christine > too much energy for the internet

 christy >  i want you to speak!

 christy >  ed, but we are all individuals too--

 Lunaria >  I usuall make a dot every so often to stay connected

 Lunaria >  .

 Lunaria >  like that

 christy >  good idea...i'll do that too--

:Christine > this chat doesn't usually require that

 Edward >  yes christy we are

 Lunaria >  oh good then I won't

 Edward >  we are all individual

 christy >  thank goodness (we're individuals too)!:)

 Edward >  yep

 Edward >  :o)

 christy >  ;)

 Edward >  I wonder how many aspects there are of me...

:Christine > everyoneo has a different smile :-)

:Christine > infinite

 Lunaria >  :-)

 christy >  ;)...(mine has no nose);)

 Edward >  I am talking about my soul aspects

 Lunaria >  We have aspects of us in every dimension

 Lunaria >  and on other worlds

 Edward >  right

 christy >  it's so strange to comprehend that!

:Christine > and in different timelines in this world

 christy >  (at least for me it is)

 Edward >  hey I fixed the link to the cosmic page I posted

 Edward >  it should work now lunaria

 Lunaria >  and in diff timelines christine???

 Lunaria >  oh good ED

 christy >  do you have a website ed?

 Edward >  no

 christy >  where did you post the cosmic page?

 Edward >  I found a great website that was very compelling and I wanted to share it with others

 christy >  do tell!

 Edward >  on the message boards

 Lunaria >  so I could have been in the timeline that blew up Meldeck

 Edward >  one sec I will put it in here for ya

 christy >  thanks! (the message board on christine's site?)

:Christine > yes Lunaria

:Christine > yes I think that is what he means

 Lunaria >  wow, that helps me christine to know that

:Christine > timelines are either past lives or parallel lives

 Lunaria >  oh that explains it

:Christine > you can't use the ie window for something else or it closes the chat

 Lunaria >  I have parallel lives

 christy >  what's the ie window?

=> Edward Has Joined The Room

 Edward >  opps

 Edward >  I di dnt realize it would take me out of here

:Christine > for me, when I feel a deja vu, it is usually when I am jumping timelines

 Edward >

 Edward >  there is the link for you christy

 christy >  glad you're back ed--thanks!

:Christine > you can't use the ie window for something else or it closes the chat

 christy >  how cool, christine--that makes sense about deja vu--

 Lunaria >  yes it does

:Christine > I often find myself doing something that I remember 'dreaming'

:Christine > but really I am jumping to a different timeline

 christy >  that happens to me too--

 Edward >  ah

 christy >  so do you think that you didn't really dream it? because i remember certain dreams that happen later--

 Edward >  yeah thats how it is for me too christy. some of my dreams come true years later

 christy >  in other words, do you think that you remember dreaming it or

 Lunaria >  prophetic dreams... I have those

 christy >  but actually, you didn't dream it, you're remembering another timeline?

 Lunaria >  I have what I call warning dreams too...but it is my guides speaking

:Christine > since time does not exist and the dream state is similar to the non-incarnate state

 christy >  do you see your guides in the dreams lunaria?

:Christine > then it could be any of those things

 Lunaria >  sometimes christy

 christy >  cool!

:Christine > I don't usually see my guides while dreaming but rather I 'see' them while awake

 Lunaria >  When we are in the dream state we are really not dreaming

 christy >  i'm so excited to get to that point, christine!

 Edward >  I don't think I have co nciously seen or heard my guides yet

 christy >  would you say, lunaria, that we are merely living out our lives in other dimensions and timelines when we dream?

 christy >  ed, i hear ya--i get strong guidance, but have not been 'plugged in' to where i see them--

 Lunaria >  I have seen my main guide when I was awake

 christy >  how wonderful!

 Edward >  awesome Lunaira

 Edward >  thats great

 christy >  so inspiring!

 Lunaria >  I would say that is correct , christy

:Christine > we are livng the other lives even when we are not aware of it

 Lunaria >  Is that right Christine

:Christine > we have one stream of consciousness at a time

:Christine > and can sometimes tap into others for a short while

:Christine > or sometimes jump from one to the other

 christy >  that's so wild--i've known that for a long time, but it is still like grasping 'infinite' to me--

:Christine > sometimes they are so close we may not even know that we jump timelines

 Lunaria >  yes we are living other lives though not aware...isn't that cool???

 christy >  it's cool in a way, but in another way, i don't like it!

 Lunaria >  why??

:Christine > why not ?

 christy >  because i like to think that the 'me' i am aware of is the whole ME (though i realize not fully awakened)--

 Edward >  you wanna know whats really something. For every thing that happens and don't happen I can in an instant see it all happening like for every decision I take.

 christy >  and that there are not other aspects out there wrecking things for this 'me'--

 Edward >  Say its raining and I am driving and traffic is tight. I have had vivid flashes of me gettig in a reck.

 Edward >  but i really don't

:Christine > why would you think they are wrecking things?

:Christine > yes ed, for every decision we make and every choice we make

:Christine > the other choices also exist

 christy >  i don't really think that, but part of me has felt so incredibly 'held back' in the past, i've just wondered that at times--

 christy >  but i know the bigger picture;)

:Christine > we choose to be aware of one choice but we actually potentially take every choice

 Lunaria >  could it be inner child holding you back?

 christy >  definitely! (and other parts, i'm sure)

:Christine > do you feel different about it if you say it is something you did  in a past life that holds you back?

 christy >  yes!

 Edward >  hey there is a chakra point located just above my ankles? Is this correct?

:Christine > what is different?

 christy >  i guess it's because i still think of time in a more linear fashion--

:Christine > the chakra points start at the base of the spine

:Christine > and seven go up to the top of the head

 christy >  but there are chakras in the feet and hands and--

:Christine > and some people say a few more go up above the head

 Lunaria >  knees

 Lunaria >  and ankles

 Edward >  ok

:Christine > there are shiatsu points

 christy >  i just read an amazing book about the 32 point energy system that surrounds the body--i've also heard it said that we actually have hundreds (if not thousands) of chakras--

 Lunaria >  yes above the head also

:Christine > I guess it depends on how you define chakra

 christy >  32 points that surround the body and are part of the body, that is--

 Lunaria >  what are shiasu points

:Christine > shiatsu is acupressure points

 Lunaria >  oh okay thanks

 christy >  there are definitely chakras in the feet, now i want to know how you just discovered yours?

 Edward >  oh I havent I was just merely asking

 christy >  i thought maybe you 'saw' something;)

 Edward >  well I have seen cut near my ankles and I don't know how it got there

 christy >  hmmm-

 Edward >  its about 5 inches up from my ankles

 Edward >  and that came about just as mysterious as my neck problem

 christy >  maybe it's related--

 Edward >  and I was maybe wondering if they were co nnected

 Edward >  yes I was thinking that

 Edward >  cause I knew of the chakra system but wasnt sure if it was at the ankles or base of the foot

 christy >  i always find it to be fun when i find some mysterious thing on my body like that;)

 christy >  the ones i've heard about , i believe, are in the foot--

:Christine > cuts are punishment for not following your own rules

 Edward >  well I know that that's for then

 Lunaria >  what would a smashed big toe be

:Christine > ankles are inflexibility and guilt

:Christine > ankles represent the ability to recieve pleasure

 christy >  the big toe & thumb also represent the earth element--

 christy >  christine, would you say that the left ankle is about receiving pleasure and the right one is about giving it?

:Christine > toes represent the minor details of the future

 Lunaria >  even the great toe?

:Christine > the left is about the feminine aspect of it and the right the masculine

:Christine > it only talks about toes in general

 Lunaria >  okay

:Christine > it breaks down the fingers into each one

 christy >  but it might have something to do with grounding, lunaria, because it is the earth element--

 Lunaria >  could be

 Edward >  this little piggy went to the markey..........this litte piggy went......................

 Edward >  hehe

 christy >  lol

:Christine > sensuality is certainly related to being grounded

:Christine > lol

 Lunaria >  My healing teacher said I was attacted by the dark, but I don't buy that

 Edward >  attracted or attached?

:Christine > so the big toe has to do with how we deal with the outside world

:Christine > the next one has to do with how we deal with  ourselves or inner selves

 Lunaria >  hmmm outside world and I don't get along too well

:Christine > the next one has to do with how we absorb nutrients and information

:Christine > the next onehas to do with boundaries

:Christine > and the wee one has to do with the IC?

:Christine > the little piggy theory of the details of the future

 Lunaria >  oh oh I broke my little toe once

:Christine > I just made that up and my guides think it is hyterical

:Christine > and not too far off

 Lunaria >  LOL

 Edward >  lol

 christy >  that is GREAT stuff, christine--i've actually heard that the 'ego' is the second to biggest toe--hmmm

:Christine > hmm... the self and the ego could be parallel

 Lunaria >  My second toe is longer than the first because I am a starseed

:Christine > I didn't know that is a sign of a starseed

 Lunaria >  neither did I bur I am a starseed

 Lunaria >  It maybe isn't really a sign

 Edward >  Thats how mine is too

 Edward >  my second toe is big on both sides

 Lunaria >  I have an extra long and curly intestine too

 Lunaria >  And one sign for sure is a crooked spine

 christy >  my second toe is shorter than my big one, but i'm a starseed--aren't feet funny and great!?

 Lunaria >  yes LOL feet are funny

:Christine > there is a whole science about feet

 christy >  i didn't know that about the spine, lunaria--do you have scoliosis, or just a crooked spine (maybe that's what scoliosis is)--

 Edward >  I have scoliocis in my lower spine. NOthing major but its been there

 Lunaria >  reflexology is fun

 Lunaria >  My spine is slightly crooked

 christy >  it IS fun...and divine to receive!

 Edward >  yeah mine too

 Edward >  i have had feet problems too

 Edward >  needed orthotics

 Lunaria >  yes my partner is a reflexologist

 Edward >  should have them now

 Edward >  but I don't

 Edward >  too expensive

 Edward >  cause my feet were growing so much w hen I was young

 christy >  lucky, lunaria!--i hear ya, ed, i used to have a TON of foot pain--

 christy >  and i'm a dancer (which was a REAL bummer)--

:Christine > I gave up pain

:Christine > it is an addiction to our limitations

:Christine > the body has the abiltiy to heal itself if we let it

 Lunaria >  yes I kind of ignore pain now , because they are always working on me

:Christine > I don't ignore pain

 Lunaria >  I am letting my body heal my hip

:Christine > I listen to what it is telling me and I work with it

 Lunaria >  what do you do christine

 christy >  i'm ready for my body to heal itself completely!

 Lunaria >  oh yes of course

 Lunaria >  I was speaking of the pain you feel when the galactics are working on you

:Christine > I don't get physical pain for that

:Christine > just emotional pain

 Lunaria >  boy you are sooo lucky

 Lunaria >  I don't get emotional pain

:Christine > oops I take that back...LOL

:Christine > my finger

 Lunaria >  LOL

:Christine > I get it big time

:Christine > when I am in pain I deal with the emotional and psychologial aspects behind it

 Lunaria >  I haven't had emotional pain for a long time

:Christine > that is exactly how I worked on my finger

 Lunaria >  I will do that next time I feel pain

 christy >  me too!

:Christine > I will send you mine

:Christine > lol

 Lunaria >  LOL

:Christine > the problem with asking for accelerated dna recoding is..

:Christine > that you get the pain more intense and faster

 Lunaria >  right

:Christine > but I have found that by stepping into my fears they are really not that bad

 Lunaria >  from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet

 Lunaria >  why do we ask for accelerated dna recoding?

:Christine > so we get connected faster

 Lunaria >  okay

:Christine > and also as the carbon turns into crystaline

 Lunaria >  why do we want to be connected faster?

:Christine > we are less affected by the scalar devicies that the programming that is being thrown at us

 Lunaria >  oh yes as we turn crystaline the chip won'r affect us

:Christine > connected to our guides and our higher self

:Christine > and to the source

 Lunaria >  right

:Christine > basically we choose to evolve faster

 Edward >  <---choose to evolve faster

 Edward >  chooses

 christy >  and lunaria, as starseeds, we are blazing the trails for all of humanity and doing it at an accelerate rate--

 Lunaria >  doen't our soul decide how fast we will go

 Lunaria >  Right Christy

:Christine > you can also tell them to slow down a little if it gets too crazy

 Lunaria >  does the self have anything to say about it

 Edward >  we should

 Edward >  :o)

:Christine > but once you start doing this.. it blows people away in the 3d world to see that we are willing to move forward at such a speed

:Christine > yes the self has everything to say about it

 christy >  the self is the one who requests for it to slow down, etc.--

 Lunaria >  okay

:Christine > the self is the driver

:Christine > the IC is the vehicle

 Lunaria >  3D ppl think we are nuttsy

:Christine > and the soul is the navigator

 christy >  love that--

 Edward >  The little nash rambler song comes to mind christine

:Christine > if you present it right they will be in awe of you

 Lunaria >  that's cool

 Edward >  hehe

:Christine > lol ed

 christy >  that's true, christine--

:Christine > and the guides are there to get us going straight when we get off track

 christy >  good point!

 Lunaria >  I am behind the wheel

:Christine > watch out for the wild dna recoding drivers

 Lunaria >  tell us about them

:Christine > varoom varoom..........

 Lunaria >  LOL

 Edward >  fast and furious eh

 Edward >  days of thunder

 christy >  are those the ones who don't fully integrate?

 christy >  and their lives are a wreck because of it?

:Christine > I guess the ones who wreck are the ones who don't pay enough attention

 christy >  yeah

 christy >  i've definitely wrecked!

 christy >  hey christine...

 christy >  i have a question--

 christy >  i have had the guides for years and am very familiar with all the 'keys', but have never labeled them with numbers. a friend has them now and i am unable to look up the specific numbers,

 christy >  but i guess the formula of compassion is #1, and what is 'how to integrate a fear' (what number)?

:Christine > I can never remember the numbers either

:Christine > one sec

 christy >  thank you!

:Christine > I think they are listed on the NC website somewhere

 christy >  oh cool--i'll check there--thanks;)

 Edward >  lots of good info there

 Lunaria >  yes

 christy >  definitely-

 Lunaria >  I have a question...........

 Lunaria >  After this life will we have to go back to our first physical form?

 Edward >  I have no Idea

 Lunaria >  in my case a feline

:Christine >

 Lunaria >  and go back to our home planet

 Edward >  I think the goal is to get experience for our soul where ever we need it

 Edward >  So I gu ess it is possible

 Lunaria >  thanks for the addy

:Christine > the physical form  has to do with incarnating on this earth

:Christine > our souls belong to soul groups

 Lunaria >  so after this life we can be light body?

:Christine > that have been incarnate at different times on different planets

:Christine > this is something that I have been thinking of lately

 Lunaria >  my higher aspect is from the Del RA angelic kingdom

:Christine > about the form that we go to between lives

 Lunaria >  yes me too

:Christine > in some ways we are individual souls or soul aspects

 christy >  thanks for the address, christine--

:Christine > but at the same time we are part of the whole soul or the source

:Christine > yw

:Christine > we are here to play the game

:Christine > and there fore we are split into polarity

:Christine > and the goal of the game is integration

:Christine > at the same time as master beings

:Christine > we have been in other games

:Christine > so the same way that we are part of teh universal source

:Christine > we are also individuals on all levels

 Edward >  sub groups of a much larger group with in a group thats part of the whole

 Edward >  with many many many...............................many aspects

 Edward >  and dimensions

:Christine > yes

 Edward >  among stuff I don't know yet

 christy >  good stuff, guys--

:Christine > but I have memories from before the game

 christy >  WOW!

:Christine > not only early parts of the game but before it

 christy >  oh, actually maybe i do too--what are they like, christine?

 Edward >  like the previous universe?

 Edward >  or is this the same one

:Christine > before this univers

:Christine > when there was no univers

 Lunaria >  when you were with source?

:Christine > I met someone who I know frombefore the game

 Edward >  when there was a different universe you mean?

:Christine > between universies

:Christine > like between lives

 Edward >  I hear souls move on to create new universes and thats wht the 12 founders of this universe did

 Lunaria >  who chose the founders?

 Edward >  came here and made a new game

:Christine > when we finish the game then we go on to play another game

:Christine > the founders choose themselves

 Lunaria >  I wonder if we ever rest?

:Christine > it is a group who say lets play

 christy >  i've heard that we do, lunaria--

:Christine > I tell you... when this game is over I am going on a long vacation

 Lunaria >  I hope so

 Edward >  lol I hear that christine

 christy >  me too!

 Edward >  I'll join ya

 Lunaria >  I'm going away with my twin

:Christine > yes please do

:Christine > twin incarnate or twin soul?

 Lunaria >  twin flame

 Lunaria >  he is my guide now

 christy >  how cool!

:Christine > cool

 christy >  back in a few minutes all--

 Lunaria >  Did the souece give permission to the founders to start this game?

 Edward >  Hey christine lets make a mental note for that vacation so we can sit back relax an talk about the various incarnations and the journey we had so far. I think that would be so cool. Sit underneath a tree relaxing and talking about our travels

 Lunaria >  Source

:Christine > I don't think it is a matter of permission... it is kind of like this is what we do

:Christine > that sounds cool

 Lunaria >  do you think we are one of the founders?

:Christine > who do you mean by we?

 Edward >  yes we have to be we are aspects of the first 12

 Lunaria >  An aspect of us

:Christine > There are nine founders

:Christine > there is the source

:Christine > then there are the 9 founders

:Christine > next is the council of 12

 Edward >  thats right

:Christine > next is the council of 24

:Christine > next the 90 game players

:Christine > 45 each felines and carian

:Christine > and everything else is aspects of those

:Christine > mostly

 Lunaria >  I get it

:Christine > there are some people in the game who are from other games

:Christine > who have come to help out

 Edward >  I figured that had to happen

 Edward >  like in midstream of our game we have others from a finished game that came in midstream

:Christine > something like that

:Christine > they come in and out to help out where needed

 Lunaria >  well I certainly hope we win this one

:Christine > so do I

 Edward >  so is there much contamination between UNiverses of different games interacting?

:Christine > I don't think there is much

 Lunaria >  I sometimes wonder if I will last here till the game is over

 Edward >  what about Parrellel universes of the same game

:Christine > ugh,.. though it is true I don't want to think about that

:Christine > I have enough with this one

:Christine > lol

 Lunaria >  my high self said I would go to sleep like in a nap and leave

 Edward >  replying to me or LUnaira ?

 Edward >  reason I bring this up is that I've seen mention to this in relation to the ashtar command. Where in one universe they are dark

 Edward >  and trying to influence this parrallel universe

:Christine > I was replying to you ed

 Edward >  ok

 Lunaria >  I am a member of the Ashtar Command

 Edward >  Then you may know of what I speak of then Lunaria

 Lunaria >  I am on the ships every three months and in between

:Christine > I am NOT a member of the Ashtar command

 Lunaria >  We are light as far as I know

:Christine > but I know you all well

:Christine > we released the ashtar fleet

 Edward >  I was refereign to parrellel universes of the same game

 Edward >  and interactions between them

 Lunaria >  Chritsine do you dislike us

:Christine > LOL

:Christine > not really

:Christine > but you di blow me up and blow up my planet

 Lunaria >  why did you say you were NOT a member

 Lunaria >  and you know us all well

:Christine > I am not a member of the ashtar command

 Lunaria >  I sounded like we are baddies

:Christine > I blew up planet out of hatred

:Christine > those ^%$#@! humans were distroying my beautiful planets

 Lunaria >  oh yes we did blow up meldek

:Christine > actually I didn't blow up the planets I just tortured and killed the people defacing them

:Christine > and you all blew up Maldek which was my planet

 Lunaria >  oh you were reptillian

 Lunaria >  I understand how you felt about your planet was beautiful

 Edward >  What I was talking about is other universes lunaria and the possibilities of cross contanimation of parrellel universes of the same game. Christine already said that interaction from other games hapens from other universes but rarely and kept to a min. I was then talking about parralell ones of our game

:Christine > I was the Lord of maldek... dragon queen, high priestess, ruler of the reptillian world

:Christine > high up in the house of aln from orion

 Edward >  and then I remembered somewhere that I saw that there was and that in the paralleel univers...mind you not time line but universe the ashtar command was bad and now some aspects of them are trying to do you guys ..a diservice

 Lunaria >  I was on the ship that used the scalar weapon I believe

:Christine > wow

 Edward >  here

:Christine > actually if I remembere correctly the weapon was on the priestess ship

 Lunaria >  yes

 Lunaria >  I have heard some rumors about the Ashtar Command and want to find out truth

:Christine > we downloaded most of the timeline

:Christine > some of it is in the chat workshop I did many months ago

 Lunaria >  I cannor access any of that

:Christine > why not?

 Lunaria >  don't know where to find it

:Christine >

:Christine > wow, it was last june

:Christine > it was my first chat workshop

 Lunaria >  Oh thank you.

 Lunaria >  I will study it again

:Christine > you were there Lunaria

 Lunaria >  almost a year ago

 Lunaria >  yes but I forget what was said

:Christine > me too

:Christine > well not really

 Lunaria >  I am hoping we will have more workshops like that soon

:Christine > when we get a few more people

:Christine > or we can just pick a topic and I can talk about it

 Lunaria >  I am about to put some fire on their behinds to get them here

 Lunaria >  yes we can do that too

 Lunaria >  Like tonight was real good

:Christine > yes we had some good discussion

 Edward >  yes

 Lunaria >  I think I will post this chat on the EC like I do our Wed Night chat

:Christine > Maybe I should post these

 Lunaria >  yes

 Edward >  yeah do that christine

:Christine > what is ec?

 Lunaria >  send out reminders

 Edward >  Earth Council

 Lunaria >  yes Earth council I post our chats

:Christine > you mean you post that they will take place?

 Lunaria >  Yes I post the Day and Time

 Edward >  no they repost the chat session

 Lunaria >  They are always on Wed

 Lunaria >  I send to my mailing list

 Lunaria >  And also post on RC

 Lunaria >  EC

 Lunaria >  oh yes and then I edit the transcript and post it

:Christine > does anyone have an idea for a topic for next week

:Christine > do you make a transcript of this one too?

 Edward >  hmmm

 Edward >  how about

 Lunaria >  I cannot save this one

 christy >  hey guys, i'm back--i have a topic idea--

 Edward >  ya can't copy and paste anythign here

 Edward >  go ahead christy

 christy >  i find it interesting that different starseeds are compelled to learn different things--like i've heard that reptilian starseeds are

:Christine > what do you mean by compelled?

 Lunaria >  drawn to??

 Lunaria >  BRB

 Edward >  k

 christy >  very drawn to learning about the pyramids because they can make significant changes that way and others are drawn to learning about other things--it would be fun to know what races are drawn to what (by compelled i mean 'guided')

:Christine > yes, it has to do with their mission here related to their race

 Edward >  yeah I feel that I am very compassionate but at the same time driven towards acting on impulses

 Lunaria >  B

 Edward >  wb

:Christine > wb

 Edward >  I am loving

 Lunaria >  thx

 Lunaria >  I was drawn to astrology

 Edward >  The Stars and astronomy and world history was my big draws

 Edward >  I can't get enough of historical facts

 christy >  i was very drawn to learning about healing on a physical level (herbs, acupuncture, reiki, etc.)...i was also drawn to astrology and the arts of all kinds--

 Lunaria >  Yes reiki too

 christy >  that's so interesting, ed, because i really don't like history!

 Lunaria >  I am now drawn to the strands and races

 Edward >  I am also very keen on Geography

 christy >  at least what's taught in schools--galactic history is fascinating to me, but i just don't know all that you guys seem to know in that area--

 Edward >  I love it

:Christine > some of it has to do with races but some of it is individual too

 christy >  very interesting;)

:Christine > what I know of galactic history is from downloaded inforamtion from the akashic records

 Lunaria >  Oh Galactic History is facinating

 Edward >  yes it is Luanria

 christy >  it IS!

 Edward >  I want to read up as much

 Edward >  as I canj

 Lunaria >  but I don't access it well

:Christine > we downloaded it as we worked on changing the timelines

 christy >  i just don't know nearly as much as you all seem to--

 Lunaria >  yes

 Edward >  we all have bits and pieces

 christy >  about galactic history--but i'm ready to learn--

 Edward >  same here christy

:Christine > Galactic history is one of my specialties

 Edward >  :o)

 Lunaria >  I don't really know that much

:Christine > downloading timelines is my specialty

 Lunaria >  oh cool christine

 christy >  you guys all seem to know a lot!--i'm so glad that is one of your specialties, christine--REALLY ready to learn;)

 Edward >  Seems that we all here have different strong points and forte's in certain areas in our awakenings

 Edward >  I can see it

 Lunaria >  I am very interested in that

 christy >  definitely--

 Lunaria >  timelines and history

 christy >  one of my specialties is about how to 'unblock' as an artist

 Lunaria >  oh me too

 christy >  cool--wonder if that's a feline thing--

 Lunaria >  Mine is how to unblock my hearing

 christy >  ahhh...what kind of artist are you?

 Lunaria >  could be a feline thingy

 Edward >  I think I am very intuative and that I can feel out a situation and or feelings of something. But often I don't listen which has happend in the past

 Lunaria >  PPL mostly

 christy >  does that mean 'people' (love the word 'thingy'--i use that;)

 Lunaria >  I drew my avatar here on the forum... that will give an idea

 Lunaria >  yes that means people

 Edward >  yes I've seent hat

 Edward >  on the boards

 Lunaria >  I am self taught

 christy >  how cool--i would love to see it!

 christy >  now i'm very interested in knowing everybody's signs!;)

 Lunaria >  pretty soon I will have to leave when HE comes in the door from work

 christy >  does HE disapprove?

 Lunaria >  you mean astrology signs

 christy >  yeah

 Lunaria >  oh yes he aprves

 Lunaria >  aproves

 christy >  cool;)

 Lunaria >  but I have to talk to him then

 christy >  gotcha--

 Edward >  its good you have a relationship that is open like that Lunaria

 Lunaria >  I am a moon child sun, Sag moon, Scorp Rising

 Lunaria >  yes it is

 christy >  is the moon child cancer?

 Lunaria >  yes

 christy >  cool!

 christy >  i'm a pisces sun, sag rising, leo moon

 Edward >  <---cancer

 Edward >  June 30 1976

 Lunaria >  yes I remember ED

 christy >  watery watery watery!

 Lunaria >  yes water

 christy >  what about you, christine?

:Christine > capricorn

 Lunaria >  I don't remember what Christine was

 Lunaria >  oh yes

 christy >  cool--do you know your rising and moon?

:Christine > I forgot

:Christine > virgo rising maybe

 christy >  capricorns are great business people--

 Lunaria >  earth earth

 christy >  earth earth indeed!

 Lunaria >  I was about to say that

 Edward >  hehe

 Lunaria >  about business

 christy >  ;)

:Christine > in chinese horoscope I am a dragon

 christy >  do you find that you don't have as many blocks to being grounded, christine? (since you have so much earth)

 Lunaria >  I am a chicken

 christy >  in chinese, i am a dog;)

 Edward >  Hey guys I need to get to bed

 Edward >  need to get up early

 Edward >  I wanna thank you all

:Christine > good night ed

 Edward >  for this chat

 christy >  good to chat with you ed--thank you too!

 Lunaria >  And HE is home

 Edward >  and christine

:Christine > sleep well and sweet dreams

 christy >  good night--sweeeeeet dreams---

 Lunaria >  Nite all luv to ya

:Christine > I need to go get some food too

 Edward >  good night christine, christy and Lunaria

:Christine > my pie is wating

:Christine > bye ed

 Edward >  (((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))) the room

 Lunaria >  bye all

 Edward >  nite

 christy >  so now looks like a good time for ending--this was great christine and everyone-- huuuuuugs--

 Lunaria >  see ya next week

<= Edward Has Left The Room

 christy >  ta ta!

 Lunaria >  ((((hugs))))

<= Lunaria Has Left The Room

 christy >  i'm so envious of your pie, christine--thanks for everything--

:Christine > come over and have some

:Christine > lol

:Christine > you are welcome

 christy >  i WISH!!!

 christy >  it's fascinating to be able to tell the difference of giving yourself a treat as opposed to medicating--

:Christine > yes that is sometimes difficult

 christy >  indeed--

:Christine > but the more I treat myself the less I need to medicate

 christy >  right now i think i could eat a BIG piece of pie----that is so true--treating yourself is SOOO key--

:Christine > have to play with that IC

 christy >  definitely--have to hook up that cetacean strand;)

:Christine > I have a cetacean friend.... or his IC is ... I should hook up with him

 christy >  how cool--is he the MASTER 'player'?

:Christine > what do you mean by master player?

 christy >  that he plays all the time (playful, youthful, etc.)--

:Christine > he plays a lot but he also works hard

:Christine > too bad he is in a different state

 christy >  very cool--i would absolutely love to hook up with some people here who are into this stuff--i don't know any---does jelaila give out peoples' e-mail address who order her products?

:Christine > I don't htink so

:Christine > you are in utah right?

 christy >  dang--

 christy >  yeah

:Christine > just ask your guides to send someone your way

 christy >  good idea-

 christy >  christine, can you tell if you've put an implant in me--and i should have you remove it?

:Christine > I hang out in some other chat rooms too

 christy >  cool--what ones?

:Christine > I will check on the inplants when I am less tired

 christy >  okay--thanks...

:Christine > I hang out in in the #soulfoodcafe

 christy >  cool...thanks--do they talk about this kind of stuff there?

:Christine > not too much...

 christy >  just more healing/awakening stuff?

:Christine > galactic history and dna strands are a little to far out

 christy >  dang-

 christy >  not for long, i'm sure--

:Christine > but they have every from fundamentalist christians to more enlighteneed people

 christy >  sounds interesting--

:Christine > it can be

:Christine > or it can be boring

:Christine > I am in there as Emma

 christy >  cool--if i go in, i'll look for you;)

 christy >  do you have a bunch of friends who are into this stuff (that you live by)?

:Christine > not really

:Christine > Tor is about 90 miles away

 christy >  guess there aren't a whole heckuva lot of us out there--

:Christine > he is a former GC too

:Christine > no there aren't

 christy >  that's cool--that would be very nice--

 christy >  i'm ready to meet some of us peeps HERE!

:Christine > but I talk with some former GCs and GCs now and then

 christy >  that would be nice too--

 christy >  shall we call it a night, sister? then you can go eat your divine (and earthly) pie--

 christy >  and i'll go eat my chili's leftovers!

:Christine > yes good night

:Christine > I am going for my pie now

 christy >  thanks again, christine...this is great...i'm so glad you are doing this--it is MUCH appreciated!

 christy >  i always learn so very much--

:Christine > I am glad to help

 christy >  you definitely do!

:Christine > and I learn from it as well

 christy >  cool...good to know--

 christy >  have a wonderful night and enjoy that pie and i'll chat with you next week-;)

:Christine > you too

 christy >  thank you--hugs-----and cheers!

:Christine > hugs back

 christy >  ;)

 christy >  tata, sister--enjoy--

<= christy Has Left The Room











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