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Pearl Chat

Topics: Discernment, Thought Patterns

Chat workshop from April 19, 2004

Facilitator: Christine Salazar




Apr 19, 2004 5:54:34 PM - Pearls


 Edward >  hello christine

:Christine > Hello Ed

:Christine > how are you this evening

 Edward >  doing well, thank you

:Christine > how is your sunburn?

 Edward >  still a little sore from this weekends work.

 Edward >  Not too bad

 Edward >  little sore still along with my muscles

=> Lunaria Has Joined The Room

 Edward >  wb christine

 Edward >  hello lunaria

 Lunaria >  Hi ED

 Edward >  I think whitequeen is having some troubles getting in

:Christine > hello LUnaria

:Christine > hello Ed

 Lunaria >  I saw her in the lobby

 Lunaria >  Hi Christine

 Edward >  yeah me too

 Edward >  anyone get a chance to read some of the Comsic insight to the human concious ?

 Lunaria >  not yet

 Lunaria >  been so busy

 Edward >  Everything I connect with I feel I have to let people share in it. It may be old news to some people but it's just great information overall

=> WhiteQueen Has Joined The Room

 Lunaria >  that's cool

 Edward >  hello WhiteQueen

 Lunaria >  Hi White queen

 WhiteQueen >  ok, here i am, a bit confused

 Lunaria >  You made it

:Christine > hello whiteQueen

 WhiteQueen >  hi Lunaria and Christing

 WhiteQueen >  I mean Christine

 WhiteQueen >  ;-)

 Edward >  what are ya confused about ?

 WhiteQueen >  just getting used to the room format, not a big live chatter-er

 Edward >  ah

 Lunaria >  oh

 WhiteQueen >  you know this 3D thing is hard on all of us :-)

 Edward >  yep, :o)

 Lunaria >  yes indeed

:Christine > but yet we have to be grounded

 WhiteQueen >  actually, the chats are not really 3D at all are they

 WhiteQueen >  so true

 WhiteQueen >  Christine, what's the format for your chats?

 Lunaria >  I have my grounding cord down

:Christine > we have been having free chat or q&A chat

 Lunaria >  we are trying to get more to join

:Christine > later when there are more people we will pick a topic

 WhiteQueen >  Ok

:Christine > whoever comes is who needs to be here

:Christine > but feel free to advertise it

 Lunaria >  I have

 Edward >  I always try to pass the word along

:Christine > thanks

 WhiteQueen >  So, I miss everyone from J's forums. How bout you folks

 Lunaria >  Well, yes but...

 WhiteQueen >  but what

 WhiteQueen >  not the bs or the arguing right

 Lunaria >  it was time to move on I guess

 Edward >  yeah thats what I felt Lunaria

 WhiteQueen >  agreed

 Lunaria >  well, we had no chice in the end

 WhiteQueen >  it was just nice having a group of folks to chat with

 Lunaria >  it was closed

 WhiteQueen >  a new twist on the concept of boot camp

 WhiteQueen >  being booted

 Edward >  lol

:Christine > lol

 Lunaria >  yes LOL

 WhiteQueen >  I have something I'd like to share with y'all

 Edward >  go ahead

:Christine > go for it

 WhiteQueen >  recently, like in the last few days...

 Lunaria >  now we are here and Christine is a GC

 Lunaria >  k

 WhiteQueen >  I have had occassion to meet up with two separate people who have afforded me the opportunity...

 WhiteQueen >  to partner with them here in 3D...

 WhiteQueen >  I mean businesswise

 WhiteQueen >  and it's very interesting

 WhiteQueen >  has anyone else had that opportunity

 WhiteQueen >  tis is quite unusual for me

 Lunaria >  my partner and I will be making changes also

 Edward >  well I recently found a job. But the past two weeks I have only worked 3 days

:Christine > you must have changed some thought pattern or somehow become prepared for that

 WhiteQueen >  I am usually alone in all I do

 WhiteQueen >  yes, I have asked for help

 WhiteQueen >  but usually I don't get it

 Lunaria >  Me too but I have had a partner for three years

:Christine > what do you think this refects back to you

 WhiteQueen >  these two women are incredible actually

 WhiteQueen >  Perhaps that I am willing to be more available as a partner

 WhiteQueen >  less into doing and being the endall myself

:Christine > it sounds like something you might want to try  out

:Christine > that you are ready for

 WhiteQueen >  yeah, I do and am but very cautious after years, eons of being screwed

 Lunaria >  I am more causious now too

 WhiteQueen >  recently did some MAJOR clearing work clearing out daddy patterns in my life

 Lunaria >  cautious

 WhiteQueen >  just last week

 WhiteQueen >  yes very cautious

 WhiteQueen >  fearful actually

:Christine > that must be what did it

:Christine > or could be

 WhiteQueen >  I am sure that the clearing led the way, but I am really scared now

:Christine > by releasing old thought patterns you made way for these new adventures

 Lunaria >  why

 Edward >  whys that

 Edward >  fear of not succeeding or falling back into old patterns?

 WhiteQueen >  I have had the patterns so deeply ingrained that in some ways I have known nothing else

 WhiteQueen >  no fear of falling back

:Christine > someonoe said to me today

 WhiteQueen >  also no fear of failure

:Christine > fear is not trusting oneself

:Christine > not trusting oneself to handle the situation

 WhiteQueen >  I'm more afraid of not knowing how to be and how to act. that's good christine

 WhiteQueen >  feel like a virgin

 WhiteQueen >  hahaha

 Lunaria >  LOL

 WhiteQueen >  an old fat one

:Christine > so if there are things you don't know then research them and learn

 Lunaria >  Now now

:Christine > and get prepared

 WhiteQueen >  it's about how to be and not so much what I have to learn although that is one element

 WhiteQueen >  I really don't know how to 'be' in business

 WhiteQueen >  especially with others '

:Christine > there lots of books out there

:Christine > start reading

 WhiteQueen >  as you know I am very independent

 WhiteQueen >  Like what

:Christine > also celebrate your 'mistakes'

 Lunaria >  are you going to partner with these two women?

 WhiteQueen >  I am going to do a course with one at first

 Lunaria >  ok

:Christine > so she will train you?

 WhiteQueen >  and I have spoken with them both about colaborating with them both on separate projects

 WhiteQueen >  the course is about writing an ebook and creating an ecourse

 WhiteQueen >  I am wanting that

 Edward >  Learning to interact and not bear the full brunt of your business ventures is something that you need to work on since it is coming up right now

 WhiteQueen >  then we also talkec about doing someting together

 WhiteQueen >  yes Ed I agree

 Edward >  Learn to trust yourself so that you dont always have to feel that you need to always be the one doing things

 Edward >  learn to trust others

 WhiteQueen >  both women are interested in joining forces but not in giving over their businesses

 WhiteQueen >  that is agony for nme

 Edward >  ah

:Christine > it must be time for you to learn collaboration

 WhiteQueen >  Ihae been betrayed so many times in so many lifetimnes

 WhiteQueen >  It's definitely my time for this

:Christine > it is ok to be scared

:Christine > talk with your IC

 WhiteQueen >  and what to tell her

:Christine > and assure her that you will always be there for her

 Edward >  Well then I think you know what needs to be done. YOu need to be able to properly deal with this situation that has been so hurtful in the past

:Christine > and even if the others do what you fear, you will not do that to her

 Edward >  but the big question is how.....and thats the tough part

 WhiteQueen >  yeah the trusting is a problem...

 WhiteQueen >  i either dive in and take too big a bite and trust too much...

 WhiteQueen >  or not at all

:Christine > trust is what you can most likely expct from someone

 WhiteQueen >  moderating iswhat is so hard to learn

 WhiteQueen >  do you really believe that christine

 WhiteQueen >  that others are trusting adn trustworthy

:Christine > yes that I the way I have seen trust for many years now

 Edward >  Yes White Queen I had the same problem in doing everything in my life. Its get it all done at one or nothing at all. And usually I collapsed underneath the pressures

:Christine > I am never disappointed

 Edward >  since I started my awakening Ive been trying to do it all in baby steps

 Edward >  and it has been working out

:Christine > baby steps are good

 WhiteQueen >  how do you mean christine

 WhiteQueen >  i am always disappointed

 WhiteQueen >  maybe my expectations are too high

:Christine > I never expect too much of people

:Christine > we have to allow them to be

:Christine > we have to realize that people think differently than we do

 Lunaria >  It's the thought...I am disappointed... that ruins things

 WhiteQueen >  what do you mean L

 Lunaria >  our thoughts are things

 Lunaria >  and what we think manifests

:Christine > I agree lunaria

:Christine > that is why we need to be impecable with our thoughts

 Lunaria >  yes

 Lunaria >  And I fail that a lot

 WhiteQueen >  so think thoughts that we like and focus on the outcome we are desiring

 Lunaria >  yes

 WhiteQueen >  hard to remember all the time

 Lunaria >  it is

 Edward >  I can relate

 Edward >  hard for me too

:Christine > you need to make it a habit

 Edward >  to keep thoughts that are 'pure' and unafraid

 Lunaria >  practice makes perfect

:Christine > every day you get up and do certain things

 WhiteQueen >  yes, gotta work on it more

:Christine > this has to become a habit in the same way

 Lunaria >  right

:Christine > you can set yourself a goal and do it every day

:Christine > one of my goals is to take the word 'try' out of my speach

:Christine > 'try' is an excuse for failing

 WhiteQueen >  I have done that years ago

:Christine > just do it

 WhiteQueen >  everytime i hear myself even begin to say the word I correct myself out loud

 WhiteQueen >  it works great

 Edward >  awesoem

:Christine > yes it does

 Edward >  awesome

 WhiteQueen >  you ears hear what your mouth says

 WhiteQueen >  so whenever i catch myself saying somethign i dont' like

 WhiteQueen >  i will openly correct myself

 WhiteQueen >  that is when i am conscious and listening, haha

 Lunaria >  and it goes into your subconscious and then it is acted upon

 WhiteQueen >  sometimes i am just so caught up in my crappola that i forget

 WhiteQueen >  Istarted doing this 10years ago and there's is still so much to say and stay on top of

:Christine > then it is good to have someone to remind us

:Christine > either that or our guides will set up a situation that will remind us

 WhiteQueen >  oh yeah

 Lunaria >  I speak to my IC when I get to the sacral center when I am Reiki self healing every day

 WhiteQueen >  my guides find endless amusement with my frustrations

 Lunaria >  that's where the IC resides

 WhiteQueen >  it's like i am some cheap, C rated movie for them

 WhiteQueen >  IC resides in sacral center

 WhiteQueen >  1st chakra or 2nd?

 Lunaria >  that's what Johnathaon Parker says

 Lunaria >  2nd

 Edward >  yeah, but don't take it as such. See the irony and laughability in the moment and join your guides in with the laughing.

 WhiteQueen >  not always easy

:Christine > the IC is pretty much the whole body

 WhiteQueen >  who's jonathan parker

 Lunaria >  he is on a CD

 Lunaria >  Yes it is true IC is the whole Body

:Christine > I am just imaginng a little guy spinning around on a cd

 Edward >  you take your self too seriously then. You may need to have fun and the guides are ttrying to say its ok to make mistakes.

 Lunaria >  LOL

:Christine > we always need to have fun

 WhiteQueen >  there is some irony in the IC being located in sacral chakra

:Christine > at least a half day a week

 Lunaria >  I even wondered how does he know the IC is in the 2nd center

:Christine > that does not resonate with me

 Lunaria >  but it is a good place to remember to speak to her

 WhiteQueen >  lends another look at the concept of the IC feeling like it is being screwed, doncha think?

 Lunaria >  ya

 WhiteQueen >  I think the IC is more likely to reside in third chakra, or abdomen where feelings are stored and felt

 Lunaria >  well the IC feels it is the body

 Lunaria >  in fact she is beating mine up pretty bad this week

:Christine > I built a huge playground for mine

 WhiteQueen >  so tell us about it

 Lunaria >  I keep asking what are you afraid of but don't hear

 Lunaria >  I built a play yard for minr too

 Lunaria >  it has everything

 Lunaria >  even a dog and cat

:Christine > cool Lunaria

 WhiteQueen >  I know for me with these business ventures I am afraid of not having the discernment I need to deal with others

 Lunaria >  but I am black and blue this week

 Edward >  I've tried to be open and honest with my IC and let them know that its ok to mess up and as lo ng as we both understand all 3 of us are in it for the long haul and we wont abandon each other no matter how tough it gets then it will be ok.

 Edward >  That's what I have with my IC

 WhiteQueen >  i decided to make my house more inhabitable and moved my office and changed everything thing around this past wee

:Christine > if you focus on the fear then you won't have discernment

:Christine > where your focus goes, your energy flows

 Lunaria >  true

 Edward >  It has brought happiness into my life

 WhiteQueen >  very true about what you focus on

 Lunaria >  I am pretty happy

 Edward >  I don't feel like I have to talk to my ic seperatley cause I include him along with me in everything I do

 Edward >  and that some days will be harder than o ther and its important to be their for each other

 Lunaria >  J taught us to speak to our IC 5 min a day

:Christine > yes it is good to give the IC some special time for 5 minutes a day

 WhiteQueen >  Iknow mine likes regular rituals like that

 WhiteQueen >  so i attempt to be reliable and responsible to her

:Christine > try it ed and see what he thinks

 Edward >  I also have an open door agreeement to speak up when ever anyone has a question thought or disagreement

 Edward >  its been working. My IC hasn't been mad at me and we both been quite happy and wanting more of it

 WhiteQueen >  I am curious if anyone of you knows whether any of the other GC's will join us here for chat. not to change the subject, but just a passing thought

 Edward >  Rachel was here the first time, but she is usually busy

 WhiteQueen >  Christine , do you keep in touch with some of them?

 Lunaria >  I asked Nicole to come but she is so busy

 Edward >  on mondays

:Christine > yes I keep in touch with many of them

:Christine > some more than others

 Lunaria >  I posted this site and hoped a lot would join

 Edward >  14 on the message forums

 Edward >  mabye some couldnt make it

 Edward >  at 8

 Lunaria >  true

 Edward >  for tonight that is

 Lunaria >  I am thinking where else I can post

:Christine > who ever needs to be here will come

 WhiteQueen >  what forums Ed

:Christine > I have forums on this site

 Edward >  On this site

 Edward >  there is message forums

 Lunaria >  I posted on EC

 WhiteQueen >  does it work the same way as the one on the NC

 WhiteQueen >  what's that L

 Lunaria >  yes this is just like NC

 Edward >  Earth Council

 WhiteQueen >  will my current name and password work on these forums

 Lunaria >  EC = Earth Council

 WhiteQueen >  last week i had some trouble getting in

 Edward >  no u have to make a new one

 Edward >  but you can put the same one if you like

 Edward >  just have to register it

 Lunaria >  You have to register for the forums

:Christine > what ever you first sign in with will fork

 WhiteQueen >  thats' what i tried and it wouldn't take my password

:Christine > it showed that you were signed in

 WhiteQueen >  oh, well i'll try in again

:Christine > if you like I can delete you and you can try again

 WhiteQueen >  ok

 WhiteQueen >  it's probably my techno stuff

 Lunaria >  Christine please delete LydiaDelRA

 WhiteQueen >  or mercury retorgrade

 Lunaria >  that's me that didn't work

 Lunaria >  ya mercury retro

 WhiteQueen >  so folks, i have to go study my first lesson on this course i bought that i mentioned above

 WhiteQueen >  will have to sign off for this week

 Edward >  ok whitequeen

 Lunaria >  right now????

 WhiteQueen >  how long are the chats going to be

 Lunaria >  okay

 WhiteQueen >  oops, Lunaria, did I goof saying that now

 Lunaria >  Last week was long

:Christine > as long as they go

 Edward >  been going at a good pace

 WhiteQueen >  don't want to do chatus-interuptus

 Lunaria >  no goof

 Edward >  lol

:Christine > when we have formal chats maybe an hour or 1 1/2 hours

 WhiteQueen >  i'll stay awhile longer

 WhiteQueen >  it's nice being here

 Lunaria >  great

 Edward >  chatus-interuptus.....that was cute. :o)

 Lunaria >  yes LOL

 WhiteQueen >  like that?

 Edward >  yep

 Lunaria >  liked that

 Edward >  dont ever feel like you are impeeding

 Lunaria >  no never

 WhiteQueen >  It comes from the bastardization of my former medical background

 Edward >  I think you are too hard on yourself

:Christine > actually I can change your pasword

 Lunaria >  did you change careers?

 WhiteQueen >  who me

:Christine > or delete you

 WhiteQueen >  yes, recently

:Christine > yes anyone

 Edward >  You need to feel the love and to feel the compassion instead of just thinking it. That's what I feel from you as you speak

 Lunaria >  who Christine

 Edward >  Queen that is

 WhiteQueen >  thanks ed

:Christine > if you want me to delete or change passwords then send me an email

 WhiteQueen >  I do feel lit

 Lunaria >  okay will do christine

 WhiteQueen >  I will try the forum again C and if I can't get in will write you privately

 Edward >  I feel so much pain from you though Queen

:Christine > ok

 WhiteQueen >  yes, there's been quite a bit

 Lunaria >  we must start using the forums

 WhiteQueen >  my astrologer told me that it's people with charts like mine that keep her in business

 Edward >  yes I have a couple posts there

 Lunaria >  do you have a difficult chart?

 WhiteQueen >  terribly

 WhiteQueen >  lots of challenges because I want to finish all in 3D this time around

 Lunaria >  we can rise abouve our charts

 WhiteQueen >  I call it the excellerated plan

:Christine > by the way, your name is White Queen with a space

 WhiteQueen >  Ahhhh, that explains it C, thanks.

 WhiteQueen >  I should probably stick with something simple like susan. then I don't have to remember these complexities

 WhiteQueen >  hahaha

 Lunaria >  LOL

 Edward >  lol

:Christine > I know someone who has everything except one minor something in Cancer

 WhiteQueen >  yuk

 Lunaria >  oh wow Water

 WhiteQueen >  crabs

:Christine > he hid all the time

 Lunaria >  hey I am a moon child

 WhiteQueen >  good to eat but they walk backwards

 Edward >  lol

:Christine > lol

 Edward >  hey now I'm a cancer

 Edward >  don't talk about m e like that

 Edward >  I resent it

 Edward >  lol

 WhiteQueen >  I have nothing against cancer

 Edward >  :o)

 WhiteQueen >  s

 Lunaria >  I do not walk back wards just sideways

 WhiteQueen >  Just the thought of having it all in cancer is not great

 Edward >  no I was trying to be funny there. the sign of cancer is a crab

 Lunaria >  I am also a cancer

 Edward >  and I am a cancer

 WhiteQueen >  yes I know

 Lunaria >  I was being funny too

 Edward >  ah

:Christine > yes he is very bery cancer and intense

 WhiteQueen >  that's why I said be funny too

 WhiteQueen >  cancer is not usually intense, as an astrological sign that is

 Lunaria >  Cancers do hide though

 WhiteQueen >  because they are crabs and crabs live in a shell and hide in the sand. and you thought the ostrich had it good

:Christine > everything cancer is intense

 Edward >  I try not to hide anymore

 Lunaria >  I have Scorpio rising

 WhiteQueen >  think about this. if an ostrich hides it's head in the sand how can it breath

:Christine > try?

 Lunaria >  ED... try???

 WhiteQueen >  no more trying; just do it

 WhiteQueen >  someone said trying is lying

 Edward >  opps

 Lunaria >  I hide

 WhiteQueen >  I dont'

 WhiteQueen >  hide that is

 WhiteQueen >  maybe I should do some hiding

:Christine > trying is an excuse for failure

 Lunaria >  are you cancer too WQ

 WhiteQueen >  maybe that's my difficulty

 WhiteQueen >  NOPE

 WhiteQueen >  I'm aquarius with scorpio rising and moon in scorpio

 WhiteQueen >  ruled by my significator Pluto

 Edward >  we are coming into the age of aquarius

 WhiteQueen >  VERY INTENSE

 WhiteQueen >  we are in the age of aquarius

 Lunaria >  Wow I have scorp rising too

 WhiteQueen >  been there for quite a while

 Lunaria >  Moon in Sag

 WhiteQueen >  do you guys know there was a solar eclipse this a.m.

 Lunaria >  missed it

 Edward >  you know it just dawned on me the other day.....The age of the group The 5the Dimension. It was like wow...they were on to something there

 WhiteQueen >  wow, L cancer scorp rising moon in sag

 Lunaria >  is that Good WQ

 WhiteQueen >  that means you also have moon in the first house which is more cancer so to speak as the moon is the ruler of cancer

:Christine > yeah and 30 years ago too

 Lunaria >  yes indeed

 Edward >  so cancer is very volitile now or is very powerfull?

 Edward >  in the house of the moon?

 WhiteQueen >  neither good or bad, just a happening

 Edward >  ah

 WhiteQueen >  Cancer is neither volitile or powerful. it's the sign of the mother, very gentle and a water sign

 Lunaria >  I am a lot of emotion

 WhiteQueen >  it's a more mellow and feeling sing

 WhiteQueen >  lots of emotion

 Edward >  Yes I am of lots of emotion but for a long time I held it all in

 WhiteQueen >  Scorpio is the intense and powerful water sign

 Edward >  but I am working on it

 WhiteQueen >  Pisces is the third water sign and is the most woo woo of all

 Lunaria >  what is woo woo?

 Edward >  wish washy?

 Edward >  be my guess

 Lunaria >  oh yes

 WhiteQueen >  you know, out there, odd, peculiar, alternative,

 WhiteQueen >  etc

 WhiteQueen >  adn wishy washy

 WhiteQueen >  two fish swimming in opposite directions

 Lunaria >  My partner is pisces

 WhiteQueen >  so's my daughter

 Lunaria >  with most plants there

 WhiteQueen >  they have the best laughs, ever notice

 Lunaria >  uh huh

 Lunaria >  large mouths too

 Lunaria >  like fish

 Lunaria >  at least my partner does

 WhiteQueen >  just be careful and don't get hooked right?

 Lunaria >  right

 WhiteQueen >  you know, to come round to the beginning, my dad used to do this thing with playing on words

 WhiteQueen >  it was one of the things that drove me nuts as a kid

 Lunaria >  and I have pluto in cancer

 Lunaria >  wow

 WhiteQueen >  it embarrased me but I do it all the time now and I love it

 WhiteQueen >  my kids have taken up the torch of being embarrased

 WhiteQueen >  adult justice i say

 WhiteQueen >  L how old are you?

 Lunaria >  pay back

 Lunaria >  70

 WhiteQueen >  in this life that is

 WhiteQueen >  really?

 Lunaria >  but a young 70

 WhiteQueen >  you don't 'sound' it

 WhiteQueen >  then I can see why you have Pluto in cancer

 Lunaria >  I don't look it either

 Lunaria >  ppl don'r believe me

 WhiteQueen >  yeah I'm 53 and use formaldahyde as a moisturizer

 WhiteQueen >  don't look my age either

 Edward >  II'm 28 and still trying to figure this whole thing out

 Edward >  :o)

 Lunaria >  I am so proud I made it to 70

 WhiteQueen >  L, funny thing is whenever you post I always thought you were a sweet young thing

 WhiteQueen >  thang that is

 WhiteQueen >  sweet young thang

 Lunaria >  LOL really?

 WhiteQueen >  Ed, you ARE a sweet young thang

 Lunaria >  yes he is

 Edward >  aw th anks

 WhiteQueen >  yes, L you have a youthful way of expressing yourself

 Edward >  I think I will be always youthful in my heart

 Lunaria >  me too

:Christine > you are only as old as you feel

 WhiteQueen >  Ed, you know us older women LOOOOOVVVVEEE sweet young thangs

 Edward >  :o)

 WhiteQueen >  me three

 Lunaria >  LOL

:Christine > somehow the older I get the younger older ages seem to be

 Lunaria >  I feel very young

 WhiteQueen >  me too, at least inside; the!

 Edward >  I dont think in terms of old age anyjmore.. We are all just spirits in different stages

:Christine > I am old enough to know better and young enough not to care

 Lunaria >  I have long hair down to my bra strap and it isn't grey either

 WhiteQueen >  right

 WhiteQueen >  I have collar length hair and no grey either

:Christine > waaaaa,.. I want long hair but it won't grow

 Lunaria >  LOL

 WhiteQueen >  well actually I have 6 strands and I will them out last week

 WhiteQueen >  pulled then out

:Christine > no grey here either

 WhiteQueen >  fingers have a mind of their own

:Christine > lol

:Christine > WQ are you the person I met in Carlotte?

 WhiteQueen >  Yes

:Christine > I thought so

:Christine > cool

:Christine > you look good

 WhiteQueen >  thanks christine

 Lunaria >  she is beautiful

 WhiteQueen >  you remember my gorgeous daughter

:Christine > yes

 WhiteQueen >  now she is my idol

 Edward >  I want to get to meet some of you some day. In this life time that is

 Edward >  let me be specific

 Edward >  lol

:Christine > good idol

 Edward >  if I dont I may not meet you guys until later

 WhiteQueen >  Ed you can meet me on my website

 WhiteQueen >  Christine is it ok to post the url here

:Christine > sure

 WhiteQueen >

 Edward >  ok

 Lunaria >  and feng shui really does work too

 Edward >  shoot I can't copy and paste

 WhiteQueen >  picture is about 5 years old so I am five years chubbier and have brown hair but the face is the same. that's my disclaimer

 WhiteQueen >  just copy then ed

 WhiteQueen >  yes it really does work

 Lunaria >  My peck is on EC and it was taken last june

 Lunaria >  pick

 WhiteQueen >  good thing you edited that L

 WhiteQueen >  I was about to comment

:Christine > where is your pic

 Lunaria >  I'll say WQ

 Edward >  ok I have it written down now

 Lunaria >  Earth Council

:Christine > the link from the forum didn't work earlier

 WhiteQueen >  i've seen your pic L on another site I think. you look great

:Christine > I bought a book called ' move your stuff and change your life'

 WhiteQueen >  a feng shui book

:Christine > and it worked

 Edward >  but what I was saying earlier that I would very much like to meet you guys and us that are currently going through this process at some type of gathering of concordence type event

:Christine > yes I have about 7 or 8 now

:Christine > I just have to read them

 Lunaria >  I put 2's all over my house and I have man company all the time

 WhiteQueen >  I am about to write this course on do-it-yourself feng shui and teach the world what they want to do it themselves

:Christine > you know rachel lives in chicago

 WhiteQueen >  where does that come from about rachel?

:Christine > I mostly did colors and shapes

 WhiteQueen >  is that in reference to ed's wanting to meet us

:Christine > yes

:Christine > are you near there too ?

 WhiteQueen >  no one live here in Asheville, NC

:Christine > oops

:Christine > I get those two conferences mixed up

:Christine > columbus and charlotte

 WhiteQueen >  Chicago and Charlotte

 WhiteQueen >  Huh?

:Christine > we did them close to each other

 WhiteQueen >  Wrong planet

:Christine > lol

 Edward >  I live near chicago

 WhiteQueen >  Columbus OH or Columbus SC

:Christine > oh

 Edward >  yes I know rachel lives in chicago

:Christine > maybe she will do some gatherings that you could go to

:Christine > and isn't J haveing a free evening near columbus oh soon?

 Edward >  Yeah I hope so. She said she wants to in the future but right now is not good

 Lunaria >  I don't know

:Christine > where are you Lunaria?

 Lunaria >  have to check the calendar on her site

 Lunaria >  Minnesota

:Christine > ok

 WhiteQueen >  and you C,where are you

:Christine > out that way kinda sorta too

:Christine > I am in Washington state

 WhiteQueen >  where abouts

:Christine > I live outside that little known town of olympia which is the capital

 WhiteQueen >  Oh, I know folks there

 WhiteQueen >  there are a lot of homeopaths there

 WhiteQueen >  it's a big homeoapthic ceenter

:Christine > in which town?

 WhiteQueen >  Olympia

:Christine > hmm

:Christine > I know one...

 WhiteQueen >  who

:Christine > she is the third wife of my friend's ex-husband

:Christine > or I should say widow

 WhiteQueen >  Homeopathy is big in WA as it is legal.

 WhiteQueen >  that;s complex; made me shake my head

:Christine > is it not legal everywhere

 WhiteQueen >  yes, in WA it is legal I believe

 WhiteQueen >  or maybe it is naturopathy I am thinking of

:Christine > that is legal here too

:Christine > there is a naturopath school in seattle I think

 WhiteQueen >  Homeopathy for non-licensed practitioners is only legal in about 10 states

 WhiteQueen >  Yes, Bastyr

 WhiteQueen >  I am a homeopath turned feng shui-er

 WhiteQueen >  you could call me a feng0path or a homeoshui-er

 Lunaria >  I am a Reiki Master

 WhiteQueen >  cool Lunaria

:Christine > lol

 WhiteQueen >  On some days you could call me a psychopath too

 Lunaria >  LOL

 WhiteQueen >  just don't call me late for dinner

 Lunaria >  Me too

 Edward >  I am starting to fi nd out that galactically this will be a big year for all of us here on earth. Not just earth but our entire solar system will be affected

 Lunaria >  I dabble in Astrology

 WhiteQueen >  how ed

 Lunaria >  how ED

 Edward >  as in with the cosmos. I heard s ome time ago there will be some wave or inviisble energy that will be hitting the earth and will effect all life

 WhiteQueen >  lets hope it's not HAARP

 Lunaria >  hehehehe

 Edward >  And just recently I saw the same thing from a source and it resonated with me

:Christine > haarp is already hitting the earth

 Edward >  no its not harrp I was refering too

 Edward >  was something that had to do with that would change our celluar structure

 WhiteQueen >  where'd you read bout this

 Edward >  some sort of engery way or taycheon pulse that comes from a distant star

:Christine > it all depends on what dimension you live in

 Edward >  way=wave

 WhiteQueen >  Ihope it makes me thin

 WhiteQueen >  why do you say that christine

 Edward >  I thought it was going to affect everything

 Edward >  including our sun

:Christine > our state of evolvement will determine how we are affected by the technologies that are coming at us

 WhiteQueen >  yes, i know that

 Edward >  to my understanding eeryone will be affected but to varying degree's

:Christine > yes.. the point is that the degrees vary

:Christine > a lot

 WhiteQueen >  please be a bit more specific Christine. Is this what the 2004 Devin post was about that you are referring to or something else?

 Edward >  no I was reffering to an energy wave coming through and she said yes , but will affect certain ppl

 Edward >  not all

 Edward >  not sure if it is also related to that post

 Edward >  which u refer too

:Christine > I think ed was not refering to the devin report

 WhiteQueen >  I;m gettin lost here

:Christine > but I think that that energy wave like all energy comeing at us will have the same kind of effect

 Edward >  brb...

 Lunaria >  Would the energy wave be from the Photon Belt?

:Christine > that is one possibility

:Christine > but I do't know which one he is talking about

 Lunaria >  he said it was from a star I think

 Edward >  back

 Lunaria >  wb

 Edward >  Yeah I am not sure where the source is but its from a star a great distance away and we will be bathed in it for a good sould two months maybe 3

 Edward >  It will affect each of us differently depending on how light we are

 Edward >  but I am getting the feeling that make sure you are grounded

 Edward >  but its ok if you are not

 Edward >  either way is ok

:Christine > everything is always ok

:Christine > remember.. we create our reality

 Lunaria >  I suppose if you are dense the energy may not feel so good

:Christine > with our thoughts

 Lunaria >  BRB

 WhiteQueen >  folks the time is upon us and I have to go to do some homework. it's been a joy being here. see you next week. toodles

 Edward >  I don't wish to cause pain and suffering but sometimes I think of things that are of a such nature. But my highest intent and always will be for what is best for me and to truelly get where I 'want' to get.

 Lunaria >  B

 Edward >  wb

 Lunaria >  thanks

 Edward >  your welcome

<= WhiteQueen Has Left The Room

 Lunaria >  My man will be home soon and I must go too

 Edward >  ok

 Lunaria >  Luv to you guys

 Edward >  love ya

 Lunaria >  See ys next week

 Edward >  take care

 Edward >  see you on the forums

 Lunaria >  you too toodles

 Edward >  check em out

<= Lunaria Has Left The Room

:Christine > it is ok to say things like that ed

:Christine > if people take them wrong it is their responsibility

 Edward >  I was mainly refering to my thoughts

 Edward >  what I think and dream at night

 Edward >  sometimes dark intentions come off but I dont really want them to be like that

:Christine > it is a matter of interpretation

 Edward >  I want to get where I'm supposed to be going. Thats to do my mission on my contract

 Edward >  and to soul evolve

 Edward >  I sometimes have very dark thoughts

:Christine > you are getting there

:Christine > what kind of dark thoughts?

 Edward >  Not that it is bad, but I dont want them to hold me back

 Edward >  I mean just wacky stuff

:Christine > how wacky?

 Edward >  like last night. I had some dream I was with someone we were on a cruiseliner or some sort of naval vessal and then we docked with it. Felt like an undercover mission

 Edward >  anyways we get inside and its a military base

 Edward >  I some how get in

 Edward >  and play off like I am one of them

:Christine > cool

 Edward >  and then there was some sort of an attack, by bugs and insects

 Edward >  eating away at everyone

 Edward >  and I'm getting killed

 Edward >  or other times in other thoughts and dreams

 Edward >  I think of thoughts that are sexual in nature or back along the lines of doingthings things of hurting people or the common theme in dreams that I am in is that I am trying to save the day but there is such and force Iam up against its all controling and I am just trying to survive at all costs

 Edward >  sometimes I kill ppl ..sometimes I die but I really do nt....I am like the indestructable warrior..

:Christine > this sounds like sirius b and second grand experiment stuff

 Edward >  but while this is all going o n I am in some sort of fear or panic

:Christine > this is not that weird in a galactic sense

 Edward >  I have even had wierd time manipulating dreams where I would manipulate time and get away or do things of a perverse nature

:Christine > welcome to the universe

 Edward >  With all my fiber and all my being I, 'don't want to mess up'

:Christine > you won't

 Edward >  ok

:Christine > don't think ... ' not mess up' but think create perfect choices

 Edward >  right

 Edward >  I really do mean what I said earlier. I hope that we all can meet one day 'in this life time' and talk about the things we are going through and just the times ahead of us

:Christine > we will meet soon

:Christine > geez, the military bases are exploding a lot of amunition tonight

 Edward >  what do you mean?

 Edward >  oh in your neck of the woods

:Christine > I live near an army base and an airforce base

 Edward >  ah

:Christine > plus there are several others not too faraway

:Christine > this is the north west corner of the country

:Christine > with a huge water inlet

:Christine > has to be well protected

:Christine > but sometimes they get carried away with manouvers

:Christine > and they play the haarp here a lot too

 Edward >  I did have a dream I was out in washington I think by mt. Shasta I think. It was .It was a red house I believe

:Christine > it doesn't affect me much as I am pretty well recoded

 Edward >  this dream was a while back too

 Edward >  thats good

:Christine > mt shasta is in california

:Christine > mt rainier is in wa

:Christine > or mt st hellens

:Christine > or mt baker

:Christine > lots of mt's   here but not mt shasta

:Christine > but mt shasta is a portal

 Edward >  I had a dream one night I was there and it was in a wooded mountianous area just off a two lane highway

 Edward >  there was a shack to the back of it

 Edward >  some distance

 Edward >  I was hanging off the side of the house

 Edward >  then so me weeks afterwords I was listening to coast to coast Am and was talking about tonights guest who was able to channel beings from ufos and ufos were constantlyh in his area and such I think

 Edward >  it was in Washington

 Edward >  anyways I saw his site

 Edward >  and on the web page in the middle to see was a picture of this very house

 Edward >  I was like wow

 Edward >  I was actuallly there

 Edward >  I was hanging off the side of the roff

 Edward >  roof

 Edward >  It was very weird

 Edward >  This dream was sometime ago

:Christine > you seem to have lots  of abilities

 Edward >  well I had dreams when I was in my old house growiong up .....I was able to seem like I was running fast and being able to skip and jump like I was on the moon

 Edward >  with ease

 Edward >  and also had bouts where I was actually flying but that was only in a couple dreams long time ago

 Edward >  had few dreams were I could fly, it was neat

:Christine > cool

:Christine > your dreams are telling you a lot

:Christine > even though you may not be aware of it

:Christine > I have also seen a lot of what you are talking about

:Christine > it just tells me that you were there too

 Edward >  well I got called tonight ..I will have work tommorrow

 Edward >  yeah

 Edward >  havent been working much

 Edward >  hope that changes

 Edward >  our business been kinda shakey

 Edward >  we need steady customers

 Edward >  I should be getting to bed ehre

 Edward >  here

 Edward >  I wanna thank you again for having this chat and the forums.

:Christine > thank you also

:Christine > I enjoy talking with you

 Edward >  as do I

 Edward >  have a good night

:Christine > good night and wonderful adventourous dreams

 Edward >  I'll talk to you later

 Edward >  and ty I'\m sure I will

:Christine > bye

 Edward >  bye

 Edward >  :o)

<= Edward Has Left The Room










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