Pearls of Wisdom









A Multidimensional Halloween
By Christine Salazar 


Ghouls and Goblins, Ghosts and Witches

On this Hallowed night appear

Bringing spooky Spirit Specters

Conjuring up our Phantom Fear


We look for treats and find but tricks

And set-ups in our path

Go forth we must, our selves in trust

To bring us through their wrath


The resolution seems so far

But clarity is so near

To help us find enlightenment

And step us through our fear


And one fine day, we wake again

The sun is shining bright

Compassion will then integrate

The darkness and the light


Remember as the Spooks are near

The wraiths and apparitions who we have spurned

Do show us in their ghostly way

The reasons for the lessons learned


And may your days and nights be blessed

With goblins, witches and black cats

So you can face your pain and fears

And find what you do seek at last


Happy Halloween



October 31, 2003







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